Over 15 thousand sign the petition for better public health

Over 15 thousand sign the petition for better public health
Over 15 thousand sign the petition for better public health

Discussion within the regional council on health in Friuli Venezia Giulia: on Tuesday the petition for a significant improvement in health in the Region was presented and discussed in the Health Commission, which in just a month had collected over fifteen thousand signatures among citizens of all territories. The topics covered were the “powerful perception” of the worsening of public health services, with postponements and cancellations of visits, closures and reduction of services; the severe shortage of staff in health care organizations; and the lack of participation that would marginalize citizens, associations and even mayors from decisions. These are the premises of petition 43, with which 15485 citizens of Friuli Venezia Giulia ask the Region to relaunch the public service also through an extraordinary plan for the reduction of waiting lists.

The petition

Summoned in the classroom by President Ivo Moras (Lega), five representatives of the Health Coordination Fvg explained at length the reasons for their initiative, also responding to requests for clarification made by the councilors. Michele Negro – first signatory of a text that was brought to squares and markets and in just 40 days reached a very high number of adhesions, especially in the most geographically isolated territories and among the less affluent classes – he put at the center the key problem of shortage of staffwhich in its opinion requires “immediate choices, starting from the July adjustment maneuver“which calls for an increase in expenses to strengthen the workforce, which would see, for example, the failure to fill as many as a thousand nurses at the regional level. Negro is aware that”the problem is organic, and does not depend only on the decisions of this administration, but on a series of cuts in health spending that began in 2004 at a national and regional level“. But he is also convinced that it is necessary”reverse the course, adapting the company deeds to the indications of the NRP that speak of community homes and hospitals“and guaranteeing”legislative tools for participation by citizens and associations, as well as to mayors who are inexplicably denied an active role of consultation and evaluation on choices that affect their territories“. Nadia Della Pietra, Claudio Cossi and Mariangela Bertoni also spoke on behalf of the Health Coordination. The illustration of the petition stimulated the reflections of the councilors, in the presence of the deputy governor with responsibility for Health, Riccardo Riccardi, who did not feel to comment on petition and interventions.

The discussion

Furio Honsell (Open Left Fvg) asked and obtained further information on the record number of signatures, while Andrea Ussai (M5S) focused on the shortage of staff, receiving from Moras the news of an upcoming session of the Commission, on 21 July, dedicated to listening to representatives of the Order of Nurses, precisely to deepen the subject of personnel sanitary. Mariagrazia Santoro (Pd) asked the representatives of the committees to investigate the critical issues encountered among the citizens, while the group colleague Roberto Cosolini called for clarity on the real numbers of the sector and expressed concern about “poor listening to professionals, local authorities, citizens and associations“. Simona Liguori (Citizens) emphasized imbalances between geographical areas, a theme also dear to Giampaolo Bidoli (Pact for Autonomy). Antonio Lippolis (Brothers of Italy) expressed his doubts on the concrete possibilities of involving the mayors, “as it is not practicable to consult two hundred of them, and it is clear that every mayor would like the services as close as possible to their home“. Walter Zalukar (Mixed Group) finally asked for clarification on the next moves of the committees – which are scheduled for a general assembly on 24 June at the Balducci Center in Zugliano, to which all the regional group leaders were invited – and said he was convinced that “in the coming months the situation will worsen, as the health service still has to dispose of a large number of diagnostic and therapeutic services“.

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