Shirt changes in Parliament, record M5s after Di Maio’s split: 160 have chosen to go elsewhere since 2018

Shirt changes in Parliament, record M5s after Di Maio’s split: 160 have chosen to go elsewhere since 2018
Shirt changes in Parliament, record M5s after Di Maio’s split: 160 have chosen to go elsewhere since 2018

The term is not over yet, the turncoat record remains within reach. The agencies beat and retort the latest, sensational, triggered by the split from Five Stars movement by Luigi di Maio, which takes away by itself about sixty of parliamentarians destined for the nascent group “Together for the future”. Last of a large army of displaced people who at the moment, counting the changes, stop at an altitude of 332but will rise to 394 once the group of Dimaiani is officially installed in the two branches of the Chambers. Operation that, with almost 100 honorable defectors already exited, brings the movement that invoked the bond of mandate: since the beginning of the legislature, it has in fact totaled as many as 160. Consistency in politics is not necessarily a value. In any case, from an accounting point of view, we are still a long way from the previous legislature which, given Openpolis in hand, closed with 569 changes of shirt (against 394 counting the Di Maio group). If, on the other hand, we count the movements “by heads”, the record seems closer: the parliamentarians involved in the last legislature were 348in this one would be 219 plus 62, therefore 281but the dissolution of the chambers, if not anticipated by a crisis that no one really wants, is expected in March 2023, there are therefore eight more months to break the record. Do they seem few? They are not at all, and we are still faced with a pathological mechanism that no one has been able to prevent so far.

In the last legislature they were 569 exchanges and 348 parliamentarians: it means that on average every month 9.1 elect stand up from one’s own seat to sit in another, 5.8 every month they then find a new location. The race therefore can still reserve surprises, provided that the pace does not slow down and the legislature demonstrates its athletic endurance: counting with the fingers there are still 81 possible changes, 46.6 going for heads, which added to the 281 bring the potential to 327. The primacy would lack only 21a little more effort and the legislature that saw three governments change in four years could raise the “cup of turncoats“, Not the shirt, which then has to decide which one, in a context where you don’t have time to wear one that you have to put on the other.

Openpolis certifies what is known (instead he mistakenly indicates “332 changes per month”), or rather that the parliamentary groups most affected by prêt-à-porter were the M5S (-36 net of templates which would bring the figure to 98), following Force Italy (-36) and Pd (-29). Tap to see who earns it. Brothers of Italy and Lega come out strengthened by the group changes, unlike the Mixed they are safe islands to land, with a good chance that they will reappear in the elections and therefore to put on the parliamentary shirt again on the next round (it is not by chance that the Mixed has the record of abandonments) . Brothers of Italy (+9) And League (+7) as groups already present at the beginning of the elections, among the newborns Italia Viva (+45), Courage Italy (+20), Constitution, environment, work (+13). The splitting of the Movement could trigger other movements and bring water to the record-breaking mill. There are eight months left, it is still possible.

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