Courage Italy melts and Toti courts Di Maio

Courage Italy melts and Toti courts Di Maio
Courage Italy melts and Toti courts Di Maio

If before there was emptiness in the center, now the center is very crowded. With the split within the 5 Star Movement, a race has begun to join the nebula from which something could form as early as September and which should have the appearance of Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Not because he has to stay there but because the political idea would follow his agenda.

A clue. Today the parliamentary group of Coraggio Italia (Ci), the one born from a rib of Forza Italia last year, officially dissolved. The president Roberto Fico communicated this to the Montecitorio assembly, taking into account the acknowledgment by the Bureau that the formation “is no longer composed of the prescribed minimum number of twenty deputies by the Regulations” and that “consequently, the remaining nineteen members are now enrolled in the Mixed group “, while Giorgio Silli, who had been elected Secretary of the Presidency representing that group, ceases from office.

Now, at least some of them are thinking of joining Luigi Di Maio’s new group “Together for the future”. It would be a step that is anything but painless because Coraggio Italia saw the presence of several former M5s and they have no intention of going through the force of the Foreign Minister. So there should be about ten deputies ready to merge into a new component of the Mixed group, federating “Italy in the center”, a squad led by Giovanni Toti and Gaetano Quagliariello and “Vinciamo Italia”, led by the former group leader Ci Marco Marin. With Marina there are Stefano Mugnai with deputies Cosimo Sibilia, Guido Pettarin, Elisabetta Ripani, Maurizio D’Ettore and Simona Vietina.

We start from here to approach Di Maio. However, the other seven parliamentarians will remain in Coraggio Italia. “We met Luigi Brugnaro this morning and we reiterated our desire to remain in Coraggio Italia and to relaunch the project also in the area – explained Emilio Carelli – There are seven of us in the Chamber and we will try to reach ten to make a component but if not we always succeed in There we stay “. Even if they do not deny having had contact with Di Maio: “There are contacts and dialogue, but contacts and dialogue in politics does not mean moving arms and luggage to another group. This thing is not there for now and I believe it will not be there either. in the future “Carelli reiterated.

Di Maio leaves the 5 Star Movement: “One is not worth the other”

In that space where Toti and Brugnaro seem to want to throw themselves, however, there are also Matteo Renzi and Carlo Calenda. Renzi is thinking about a project that would involve important mayors such as Giorgio Gori, Beppe Sala, Dario Nardella and Antonio Decaro. And then there is Calenda, who however has no intention of doing anything with Di Maio. As Calenda also thinks Più Europa from where they let people know: “Let’s go forward on the path of federation with Action”. It being understood that all these maneuvers are risky until there is a clear picture of the electoral law. At the moment the parties have every interest in an electoral reform, including Matteo Salvini, who could thus avoid being crushed by the strength of the Brothers of Italy. All the more reason nothing will move before September, then we could witness a tagadà that will involve all the political forces in Parliament.

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