Chaos on motorways and queues for ferries: red dot in Liguria –

5 ferries arriving at the port of Genoa, day of queues on the A26

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GENOA – Queue on the motorway due to the construction sites and the bridge of 24 June: it is a red dot day on the A26 towards Genova Voltri, and the queue has already started before seven in the morning with three kilometers of queues between Ovada and Masone. Queue for construction sites also for those moving from Genoa to Milan, while the traffic this morning is particularly intense around the Genoese node.

In fact, from 4 in the morning, inform the Local Police, there is traffic for arrivals and departures from the port of Genoa: arriving between seven and eight there were five ferries from Sardinia and Spain, while in the evening there are many departures for the Italian islands and North Africa.

Traffic problems reported by the ferry terminal in Genoa West, with two patrols of the brigade ready to manage the roads, in particular that of heavy vehicles. Slowdowns also on the Aldo Moro road due to the narrowing towards the west.

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