Italy without water. Palace without dignity

Italy without water. Palace without dignity
Italy without water. Palace without dignity

In a’Italy without water, where agriculture is on its knees, where debates on variants are promoted Omicron and therefore on the possibility of starting over with new vaccines. In an Italy that is rude about the purchase of weapons to be sent to Ukraine in the hope of building peace and in the meantime, in any case, we are always buying gas, more and more gas, from Russia because we can’t do without it. In an Italy that speaks of energetic sovereignty but has renounced monetary sovereignty. In a’Europe which is increasingly distant from the real problems of small businesses, of those in debt and unable to cope with the various problems of the crisis. What are you debating? Of the project of Di Maioof the split between Di Maio and the 5 Star Movement.

It is one thing that really indexes the politicsthe state of health of a politics that is absolutely far from the people, after all the movement was born to intercept what people were complaining about, what people perceived as a real problem as a real problem, well it fell apart, yes is flawed because the 5 Star Movement is an electoral scam and has completely denied what his electoral mandate was, his political vision, albeit ramshackle but at least he had inside a popular karma, a popular sentiment, which is now denied by the two contenders : one is Di Maio who is now a full-fledged poltronaro, and the other is With you an absurd character, chameleonic to the point of continuing to arrive at the same starting color and reciprocate it again.

But the serious thing, as I said before, is that this electoral scam, this ideological scam takes place under the gaze of the head of state who has said nothing and participated in political terms, because the moment you shut up you participate in the breakdown of a match, or rather a political force (which is the first parliamentary political force) that splits up to vote the same thing in parliament, absurd. It is not that a head of state says “but what is happening?”. The head of state acts as the notary of this electoral scam. A head of state that I want to remember, is granting an encore, but not like Napolitano who had granted an encore ob twisted neck admonishing the Parliament, telling him “now you have to hurry to get me out of this impasse and find me a replacement.” No, this head of state is evidently already looking at how to complete his seven-year term and in fact, I see a certain quirinal inspiration in the maneuver of Luigi Di Maio, who is precisely in the center, completely denying that spirit of 33% that he himself he had somehow led because he was the political leader of the 5 Star Movement, so it’s an electoral scam in all respects. Because? But it is clear, he must safeguard his power, the one he has acquired in this time in which, since the beginning of the legislature, he has become a man of government, a man of power, a man of the system. I want to remember that it is Di Maio himself who asked for the impeachment against Mattarella, but things change do you want to become a man of the center? You go to elections, you drop everything, you resign, you create a new party that will go and get the votes. Italexit instead it is the continuation of a piece of the rhetoric that had characterized the 5-star Movement which in fact collected the signatures, but even this is no longer in the habit of Conte this Giuseppe ConteI want to remember is the man who invented Arcuri super commissioner for everything: the masks, the emergency, the vaccine (the primrose vaccine vaccine, do you remember?) and he was also super commissioner at Ilva in Taranto, in short, we had a superhero in Italy and no one knew it.

Only Giuseppe Conte, the man of the gods, knew it CTSthe man of the committees and the experts (of the clubs of the experts), the man of the DPCM, the man of the press conferences alone, the man perched in power, the man who first stripped the parliament and then, what does he do? He asks the 5 Star Movement to sign a document where the centrality of Parliament must be affirmed. Fuck himself, the man of the DPCM, the man of decrees, the man of trust, the man of Hope, of Roberto Speranza. All this happens, I repeat, in a country that is plagued by real problems that are not solved by anyone, are not faced by anyone, unless – like a kind of comet – Europe arrives with fake money. of the PNRR, this money that, of course, we saw it yesterday in the House, they ask you for the duty, they ask you for the price, the first of all that is already to cut on health, to cut on school, congratulations.

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