Ceccato and his beloved Tuscany

Ceccato and his beloved Tuscany
Ceccato and his beloved Tuscany


The union of the driver from Bassano del Grappa with his beloved Tuscany continues, ready to face the fourth act of the CRZ in zone six, at maximum coefficient.

Vittorio Ceccato’s love for the races in Tuscany has long been proclaimed, but the next appointment on the calendar will have a very special flavor, bringing to mind a decidedly positive memory.

Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 June

the Reggello Rally will be staged, the fourth stage of the ACI Sport Rally Cup in zone six at maximum coefficient, and the Jteam standard bearer will return to tread those roads that, in the past year, gave him the second best result overall.

“We are very happy and anxious to return to Reggello” – says Ceccato – “Because here, last year, we got the second best position ever, since we have been racing in the premier class.

Overall eighth and sixth in class which, for 2021, was our maximum.

We then improved at this year’s Trofeo Maremma, in the national event, with the sixth place but we hope to have a good race at Reggello even if we will have a lot of competition. “

The parenthesis of the Fir trees has been archived

the driver from Bassano del Grappa will return to the wheel of the Skoda Fabia Rally 2 Evo, made available by MM Motorsport and shared with Rudy Tessaro.

“The Skoda we used at Abeti was certainly good” – underlines Ceccato – “But the difference with the Evo is important.

We are happy to go back to racing with the latest version of the Fabia, on which we enjoyed ourselves very well.

I’ll find the good Rudy by my side, just like last year here in Reggello, so everything is ready to do well.

We will try our best but we know the level of our opponents here.

For a gentleman driver like me I would say that a good goal would be to be in the overall fifteen. We will give our best. “

Two days of competition

that will characterize the fourteenth edition of Reggello, starting on a Saturday that will already begin to outline the values ​​on the field with the dispute of the first special stage, that of “Pietrapiana” (9.73 km), to be tackled entirely at night.

On Sunday the challenge will move on the timed sections of “Figline” (8.79 km) and “Montanino” (14.94 km), the first of which will be covered for three passages while the second only for two, completing one kilometer overall timed around sixty-five.

“Compared to 2021, there have been significant changes to the route” – concludes Ceccato – “And we will find ourselves going through a completely new test and an extended version of the special at night.

The typology has not changed much, very fast and treacherous roads.

We will definitely leave to do well,

as we always do, but the opponents here are much more used to these contexts than we are.

We will also try to do our best to gratify all our commercial partners, Jteam, MM Motorsport, Dimensione Corse and all those who will cheer for us.

We can’t wait to start this new adventure in our beloved Tuscany. “

On the cover image, from the repertoire, of Vittorio Ceccato, in action in the previous Rally di Reggello 2021 (image by Amicorally).

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