Pnrr: Cna Sicilia focuses on energy communities – Sicily

Pnrr: Cna Sicilia focuses on energy communities – Sicily
Pnrr: Cna Sicilia focuses on energy communities – Sicily

(ANSA) – RAGUSA, June 23 – “Energy communities: from the NRP an opportunity for ecological transition” is the theme of the conference organized by the Territorial CNA of Ragusa in collaboration with Logos. A traveling event that will touch the other island provinces, under the coordination of Cna Sicilia. First stop, therefore, in the Hyblean city, where the regional councilor for energy, Daniela Baglieri, took part, thus kicking off her road show. A circumstance that allowed the Musumeci government exponent to “clarify the plans established by the regional plan, with particular relevance to the aspects linked to photovoltaics and wind power. Without forgetting, however, that concerning the energy communities which, in a historical period like the current one, it allows the territories to organize themselves in a different way to provide the opportunity for ordinary citizens but also for entrepreneurs to operate with lower costs by containing energy costs, which have become, at this stage, really problematic “. The work was coordinated by Maurizio Merlino, installation and plant manager of Cna Sicilia. The president of the territorial Cna of Ragusa, Giuseppe Santocono, spoke of “a challenge of crucial importance for the contemporary world, highlighting that, starting from 2020, the Italian regulatory provisions have allowed a significant step forward in the field of renewable energy communities, a innovative and solidarity model of energy management very widespread in Northern Europe “. (HANDLE).


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