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Covid, tourists, tampons and hospitals: Sicily’s ‘strategy’

Covid, tourists, tampons and hospitals: Sicily’s ‘strategy’
Covid, tourists, tampons and hospitals: Sicily’s ‘strategy’

Experts get together and discuss. Technical table on admissions set up.


There is still nothing formalizedbut a document should be put on paper in the next few days and submitted by the technicians to politics. Sicily poses the problem of a Covid strategy, with its experts in the field, to manage the generalized and worrying rise in infections and the possible repercussions on hospitals. Today, in the premises of the Department of Health, a newly appointed technical table has met, which will deal with the topic of hospitalizations. But it was also an opportunity to discuss, among the commissioners, doctors and Dasoe, the countermeasures to be taken to face the pandemic. The result? A series of ideas that will be subjected to what, in these cases, with a neutral term, is called the ‘political decision maker’. That is, to president Musumeci, councilor Razza and the council.

Tamponi and Covid hotel

One proposal, among the various advances, would be to reactivate swab screening in ports and airports. The expected flow of tourists is massive. There was also talk of returning to Covid hotels, or structures that can accommodate the positives who are well, to break the circulation of the virus. A move deemed appropriate precisely due to the expectation of a large number of visitors. If a tourist arrives and turns out to be positive, where will he be placed, given that he is being hosted in a hotel?

Hospitals: bubbles and isolation

Another aspect concerns hospitals, with reference to the sick who do not end up in the ward for the coronavirus. Simple example: you break your leg and the tampon is infected. Here comes the technical table that would like to give more and more to the ‘bubbles’, in the departments, to isolate the positives.

The bulletin

In the meantime, also the bulletin released today confirms the advance of the coronavirus. There are 4,349 new cases. The positivity rate rises to 18.8%, the previous day it was 18.3%. The patients are 660, eight more, in intensive care are 25, one more. Contagions by province: Palermo 1,544 cases, Catania 1,511, Messina 972, Syracuse 434, Trapani 233, Ragusa 366, Caltanissetta 155, Agrigento 314, Enna 88.

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