Tafuri makes all NAMES

Tafuri makes all NAMES
Tafuri makes all NAMES


PALERMO – During the guarantee questioning, Gaetano Tafuri said he was willing to talk about the political pressure received for recruitment at the AST. On March 31, the former president of the Sicilian transport company was summoned by the prosecutor Andrea Fusco. His report is in the proceedings of the investigation by the Palermo prosecutor’s office.

“The Honorable Savona told me”

“What can you tell us about that?”, The question about the pressures is straightforward. Tafuri begins to tell: “In mid-2020 I was in the room of the honorable Roberto Di Mauro at the Sicilian Regional Assembly. He told me that the Honorable Riccardo Savona was there who wanted to speak to me. He went to call him and we were left to talk just the two of us. Savona, after talking to me in general about the inopportunity of hiring temporary staff at Ast, asked me to hire 15 drivers with the words: ‘I want to get into this system too… I want 15 ′ ”. According to the reconstruction of the Public Prosecutor’s Office, by resorting to interim contracts, the leaders of the Ast would have circumvented the hiring block.

The UIL trade unionist

Tafuri, he says, did not expect such a request: “Having felt embarrassed, I stiffened and refused Savona’s proposal, who gave me a sarcastic smile and left. This request was coupled with a request that had been made to me by the secretary Uil Agostino Falanga who had told me that he was linked by political relations with the Honorable Savona. Falanga had asked me to hire 5 temporary workers, offering him trade union support in exchange. This happened in my room. I coldly rejected Falanga’s proposal ”.

The requests of the councilor Grasso

The story continues: “At the end of 2021 the vice president of the Region Gaetano Armao calls me in the offices of the Presidency at the Ars and on that occasion I found the honorable Bernadette Grasso. Armao left and Grasso, after a very vague allusion to the need for temporary recruitment at Ast, made me a specific request regarding an employee of the company at the Messina office, namely Fardella. Request consisting in recognizing a passage of level thanks to an acknowledgment note for the tasks performed. I want to specify that at that time there was no dispute between Ast and Fardella, so both Grasso and the latter demanded that Ast acknowledge out of court the fact that he had performed higher duties “.

The financiers of the Economic-Financial Police Unit on 11 March 2020 had intercepted a conversation in which Giuseppe Li Volti (coordinator of the private secretariat of the councilor for infrastructure Marco Falcone) communicated to the director of the Ast Ugo Fiduccia (the key man of the investigation) the request of the then regional councilor for local autonomies Bernardette Grasso. She had asked him “if you can solve this problem of Fardella … don’t siddiare … authorize it”.

Regarding Fardella, Tafuri adds that “he is a politician from Messina linked to Grasso and the latter over the years has urged Fiduccia and myself several times to bestow favors on the employee Fardella. I have always rejected these requests. After talking to Grasso, Armao returned to the room and asked me what the Honorable Member wanted from apple and I replied that he had made an unacceptable request “.

Intravaia, Armao and the renunciation of the appeal

During the interrogation, Tafuri mentions the name of Marco Intravaia, private secretary of President Musumeci. He had already talked about it in an interview with Livesicilia when he underlined the political will to confirm the appointment to Fiduccia.

“In mid-2019 Marco Intravaia – Tafuri points out – who is one of the most trusted collaborators of the president of the Musumeci Region in tandem with the vice president Armao who advocated me for the same initiative, insistently asked me to renounce the appeal in an important cause for the recognition of higher duties brought by Dr. Filippo Lo Cicero, son of a historic regional manager “.

It had happened that Lo Cicero “had won the case at first instance before the Court of Palermo which had recognized the functions of parameter 250 and therefore considerable economic differences. The request of Intravaia and Armao was that we renounce the appeal, so in fact they were not asking us for a transaction but for a surrender ”.

What did Tafuri do? “I refused and we went ahead with the appeal also because the lawyer Plaja, head of the legal office, claimed that our position was well founded. I remember that before the Court of Appeal of Palermo the president of the college himself invited Dr. Lo Cicero to find a conciliatory agreement. Two or three hearings followed in which we advanced settlement proposals that Lo Cicero refused ”.

“We won the case”

What did the court decide? “Until the case was decided on appeal, both Intravaia and Armao again urged me to renounce the appeal. I refused, I went on to the end and Lo Cicero lost the case. I sent both Arma and Intravaia a message with the first page of the appeal sentence, writing ‘do you see how I was right?’ “.

Tafuri on Intravaia adds that “he went a few times to Ast where he used to go to Fiduccia in his room. I don’t know what they were talking about. Fiduccia told me that they also saw each other outside AST because Intravaia intended to make him join the support group for his electoral campaign in the 2022 regional elections “.

Statements that refer to the words of Tafuri’s interview: “I know that Fiduccia’s political aid was of interest. On the one hand they want to distance themselves from Fiduccia (it was the governor Musumeci who wanted him out of the company) and on the other a man from Musumeci’s entourage seeks political support for the president’s party ”.

In recent days, the deputy prosecutor Sergio Demontis has notified the notice of conclusion of the investigation. 14 of them risk indictment. At the moment the position of the “IN.HR. Employment agency srl “of Potenza. This is the temporary agency that would select the people to be hired. Some, according to Tafuri, were reported.

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