“Bankruptcy management of the Lombardy Region”

“Bankruptcy management of the Lombardy Region”
“Bankruptcy management of the Lombardy Region”

After, in the hours immediately following the news of the closure of the Tirano-Colico railway line from 26 June to 9 September, it was the exponents of the Colico Democratic Party who expressed strong dissent over the choice made, this time, a few days after the start construction sites and, above all, the inevitable inconvenience for commuters and travelers, it is up to the provincial secretariats of the Democratic Party of Sondrio and Lecco to return to office with a joint press release.

Bankruptcy management

“The closure of the Colico-Tirano railway line in the summer months represents yet another demonstration of the total lack of interest of the Lombardy Region and Trenord towards commuters. The decision to completely suspend circulation from Sunday 26 June to Friday 9 September for modernization works it was, as usual, lowered from above, leaving the affected territories, local authorities and citizens in the dark until the end, thus creating enormous inconvenience. – write Manuel Tropenscovino, provincial secretary of the Pd of Lecco and Michele Iannotti, provincial secretary of the Democratic Party of Sondrio – Discomforts that, once again, will negatively affect the lives of the many workers and university students who use the train for daily travel, and who found themselves from one day to the next in a situation of uncertainty”.

Inadequate alternative

“The replacement of trains with buses and trucks for freight transport will also further congest the traffic in the valley, with repercussions on the environment, on the safety of mobility and on the quality of life of all citizens, without however ensuring compliance with the connections and the certainty of a seat on the bus, with the risk of further discouraging the use of the railway service. – the two secretaries continue – Finally, the closure of the line risks creating significant economic damage for the tourism sector: just think of impossibility of transporting bicycles on replacement buses, or the foreseeable difficulties that tourists will have to face due to the bad communication and organization of Trenord “.

“A preventive and necessary listening to the territory and the comparison with local authorities and trade associations would probably have made it possible to find alternative solutions, less harmful for everyone. The total absence of this comparison, combined with the fact that such an important decision for citizens is was communicated three weeks before the start of the works, only after a representative of Confartigianato Sondrio had raised the problem during the annual assembly, once again confirm the arrogance of a region with Northern League traction that continues to do damage without having an overview and total inability to plan. – Trapenscovino and Iannotti conclude – In this regard, the group did well to advise the regional PD to present a question, which unfortunately has not yet been answered, and to request the creation of a control room with Trenord, Rfi, Agenzia del Tpl, Road transport company, Province, Municipalities, trade unions and trade associations, to better monitor and plan the actions necessary to limit inconvenience “.

The garrison

The provincial Federations of the Democratic Party of Lecco and Sondrio will be present in the stations of Colico and Tirano on Sunday 26 June in the morning and Monday 27 June in the evening, to express closeness to commuters and express their opposition to the methods adopted by the Lombardy Region.

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