Let’s not confuse the Gods with mere mortals, thank you

Let’s not confuse the Gods with mere mortals, thank you
Let’s not confuse the Gods with mere mortals, thank you


Football Italy in these hours is rightly committed to commenting on the return of the prodigal son Lukaku to Inter Milan. After the 115 million paid last year by Chelsea, this year the Blues, under the strong push of the coach Tuchel, have sent back the striker as if he were a parcel on loan, in exchange for a symbolic sum and him. salary paid by the company of Viale della Liberazione.

What does this talk have to do with a newspaper like MilanNews, which deals with the issues of AC Milan, the Italian Champion? It has to do with it, given that Inter will be the main contender for the Rossoneri’s Scudetto again next season, which for both would mean second star on the shirt. The usual rivals therefore reinforce themselves with the Belgian, waiting to understand what painful disposals will be needed to reach the surplus figure imposed by the Chinese ownership, and are already preparing the duel, also in the media, with Ibrahimovic. A dualism that has continued in recent seasons, between Romelu self-proclaimed king of Milan and Ibra who reminded him that Milan has never had a king, but only a God. All things that make one of the most heartfelt derbies in Italy even more spicy , which since last year has gained a new star: Olivier Giroud. The Frenchman is certainly much less media and more calm than the two heavyweights, but his turn on de Vrij and the consequent tongue have already entered arrogance in the history of the Derby della Madonnina.

Lukaku then next year will have to deal first with Olivier, who arrived at the Rossoneri with the idea of ​​the Scudetto and snubbing anachronistic superstitions on the jersey number, then reached his goal with very heavy goals, and then with Zlatan, who this season has resisted for six months with a knee now out of use in order to make his contribution to the team, in training and on the pitch. As small in terms of minutes as immense in significance: what Zlatan gave to Milan last year is difficult even to tell.

So plan to plan new coronations and compare Romelu and Zlatan: the confrontation is inevitable, for many reasons. But be careful to go further: their stories speak, and they do so clearly. One started from Sweden and conquered Europe, becoming the legend of world football by right, the other never managed to repay the expectations, if not under the guidance of Antonio Conte, which had been created on him, often running away from difficulties. It is no coincidence that Ibra, pack leader and skilled in touching the right strings, always between motivation and provocation, at the time of United made a bet with teammate Lukaku: “At United we made a bet”, revealed the Swede in a ‘October 2019 interview with Gazzetta. “‘ I’ll give you 50 pounds for every right stop. He:” And if I get it all right, what will you give me? “. Nothing, I just make you a better player! For the record, he didn’t accept never. Maybe he was afraid of losing… “.

Time passes for everyone, even for someone like Ibra, who is now struggling with convalescence and recovery after knee ligament reconstruction surgery. Milan awaits him for the second half of next season: Serie A will once again have a duel between two heavyweights at home, with fans and fans ready to take sides on one side or the other. But please, let’s not confuse Gods with mere mortals. Thank you.

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