The De Laurentiis family lives with Napoli, so I keep them close

The Funds, the Commissos, have a fixed scheme: to reduce costs to sell. Only in Naples they did not understand and feed on GM news

Gc Napoli 01/03/2013 – Serie A football championship / Napoli-Juventus / photo Giuseppe Celeste / Image Sport in the photo: Aurelio De Laurentiis

I keep close to the De Laurentiis family. Not because I like them. Not because he’s a fan of theirs. Not because they are particularly skilled in football. Simply because they want to live with Napoli. If something gives me sustenance, I do it best. It is a simple reasoning to do if you look at the things that happen a little.

Decio Cavallo, peace to his soul is now food for worms. Commisso, the Elliott Fund and many “paisà” who have come to shop in Italian football, are proving that they only rightly care about their “bisiniss”.

The passionate supporters of these teams are living on their skin how far the new masters of Italian football are from the legacies of their properties. Then if two “trendy” social media managers are enough to make the difference, then for Christmas I only give the boxes.

For RedBird, the new Rossoneri owner, or whoever for him, “enthusiastic” purchases are unimaginable: the less the funds invest, the less they become economically burdened, the lighter their fixed costs, the greater their earnings when they collect the ticket. With all due respect to the press and fans, with the former flanking and dampening any news that could cause discontent in the bud, and with the latter who just want the sweat of the new purchase.

In Naples, on the contrary, the Disgusto Cup is staged on the contrary. Instead of braying every single day, feeding exclusively on GMO news, the average Neapolitan pacifier could try to look around, understanding that ADL, which does not provoke instincts of brotherhood, is first interested in ensuring that Napoli remain in the lot of competitors for the Champions League.

Instead, the accusations are that “he is dismantling a team”, he disrespects “the top scorer of 148 goals”. Beware that Mertens’ 148 are “the new 91 points”: Let’s go with first-grade nursery rhymes to be recited on the shoreline this summer. So just to be sure of their own existence.

Wanting to look a little beyond the next tournament of “Percoche nel vino”, Naples “resizes” its average age and its total salaries. Actions necessary for a future that is still at excellent levels. If you had not noticed, it is the young who can perpetuate the generations. The old ones don’t. In football it works the same. In fact, Victor Osimhen brought us weight in the Champions League.

After all we are very calm. And we have great faith in Mertens’ orphans, and in new acquisitions. with respect to new acquisitions, the fallacious perceptions of the populace have been certified by the field. Note is in fact the incompetence of the average fan, whose edicts on new players are as reliable as the tarot of Gennaro D’Auria. We can talk about the usual July 2007 and the presentation of Lavezzi and Hamsik. But we can remember, as the Napolista did some time ago, zero journalists at the presentation by Dries Mertens. Details…

Continue on your way to Napoli. In July the wagon was always empty. Spalletti and De Laurentiis fight. In the retreat of Lazio, the 1974 Italian champion, poker was played with guns under the table.

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