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In the Lazio Region, the councilors support Conte, mouths sewn into the Capitol

In the Lazio Region, the councilors support Conte, mouths sewn into the Capitol
In the Lazio Region, the councilors support Conte, mouths sewn into the Capitol

The split of the M5s, with the release of about sixty parliamentarians led by the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, does not seem to have caused side effects in the Lazio Region, where the pentastellato group has expressed full support to the president Giuseppe Conte. In the Capitol, however, everything is silent. In particular, the seven regional councilors, including the two councilors Roberta Lombardi and Valentina Corrado, were among the first – on the evening of Di Maio’s announcement – to distance themselves from the minister to reaffirm their confidence in the current president of the M5s. In Lazio, therefore, the experiment of the “wide field”, promoted by Nicola Zingaretti, with the entry of the M5s in the regional council of Pd traction, goes on without hitches or aftershocks. “Personally I do not believe in the narrative put together by Luigi Di Maio on the crusade for the defense of Atlanticist and Europeanist values, given that they were already inherent in the 5-star vision carried over these years in all European offices and even yesterday, once again, in parliament ”, wrote regional councilor Roberta Lombardi in a long post on Facebook. A position strengthened by the words of the M5s group leader at Pisana, Loreto Marcelli: “The M5s group at the Lazio Region strongly supports the president Giuseppe Conte who is carrying out a process of rooting in the territories of the 5-star Movement and is at his side in this path of reconstruction of a political force whose purpose is to be useful to the country. Luigi Di Maio had already created a movement of him in the Movement for some time, it is good that this division has come to light and clarified. If someone no longer recognizes himself in a political project, it is right that he makes his own choices, but resigns from the political force in which he was elected ”, concluded Marcelli.

Instead, the mouths in the Capitol are sewn. Although it is obvious that among the five councilors elected by the M5, including the former mayor Virginia Raggi, there is a comparison on what is happening at the national level, publicly all is silent. For months the Capitoline M5s has been particularly compact around the battle opened by President Conte, against the Democratic Party, on the waste-to-energy plant: so much so that the councilors, with Raggi in the lead, a few weeks ago left for Puglia to visit a plant (the oxy-fuel ) considered more ecological than the one proposed by the mayor Roberto Gualtieri. There is no occasion, then, that the Capitoline grillini lose to attack the mayor and the councilor for waste on the plants, reiterating their no to both biodigesters and the waste-to-energy plant. Moreover, it is known that there has been bad blood between the former mayor Raggi and Minister Di Maio for some time. Raggi’s relations are not idyllic even with Conte, after a tiring election campaign and in which the former mayor did not have the support that other party leaders have given to their candidates: see, for example, Enrico Letta with Roberto Gualtieri. However, without prejudice to the former mayor’s attempt to gain a place in the national group of pentastellati – by relying not only on the experience at Palazzo Senatorio but also on gender representation – it seems unlikely today that anyone among the five Capitoline councilors could follow Di Maio.

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