Tommasi’s latest sprint: “My civicism goes beyond the logic of parties. So Verona turns the page “

Tommasi’s latest sprint: “My civicism goes beyond the logic of parties. So Verona turns the page “
Tommasi’s latest sprint: “My civicism goes beyond the logic of parties. So Verona turns the page “

From outsider to sprinter. Thus the former midfielder prepares to steal the city on the right: “The game is played in our neighborhoods, not in the Roman lounges. Am I inexperienced? There is a desire for a new political project “

And walk, walk. “Here we are. We have reached the last corner ”. Damiano Tommasi has made many roads. Almost all of those in Verona. “The walks in the neighborhoods allow me to dedicate some time to the people: I would like them to become a habit of the next administration”. Easier to prepare for a match at the Olimpico or a run-off for the Arena? “The difference is that we don’t play on Sunday. It’s up to the voters. The analogy is that the result is the result of the organization: we are doing everything to get there “. We intercept the center-left candidate for mayor on the fly, between one election event and another. “Civic, please”, he is keen to emphasize. “Rete !, our list, was the most voted in the first round. Strong message: a city must be cared for, lived, speaking for concrete projects that often have no color. The prepackaged ideologies distract from the objective “. In two words: “Making the Veronese protagonists of their future”.

He has grown up, Tommasi. It was told to the Foglio last February, when the race to Palazzo Barbieri had just begun and Rete! he hadn’t officially taken shape yet. In between, four months of dense and unprecedented electoral campaign. Almost indecipherable for the opponents, who have long branded it as a mysterious object, until the slap of the first round. “Citizens are convinced by looking ahead, rather than focusing on the past. With the proposals, rather than with the pathologies of politics: oppositional thinking, logic of the least worst, catastrophes ”.

He never mentions Sboarina, – “if Tommasi wins, all hell happens” – but so be it. The enthusiasm of those who have experienced first hand how to change things. “There is a great desire to be present on the territory,” explains he, a specialist in covering every area of ​​the pitch even when he was a footballer. “In our program we have invested heavily in the redevelopment of the eight districts of the city. In the first round we won six: now we plan to reactivate the proximity services and the spaces necessary for the community to hear the nearby administration “.

And hence the idea, Tommasi spirit of Verona on foot. “These morning meetings made us understand the importance of a personalized dimension for each neighborhood. Not everyone has the same problems: some areas suffer from traffic, others have the elderly as a priority, still others the coexistence between public establishments and residents. We must intervene based on the nuances, not think as a single municipal block. Not to mention those who let Rome dictate their agenda, candidates and strategies ”.

He will also be inexperienced, as the center-right says. But Tommasi already shows off the blows of the false naive. “The theme of autonomy is always very much felt in these parts, right? Here, we have managed to cultivate that autonomy of political thought which is perhaps even more important than referendum matters “. Ouch, Veneto. “All the national parties that support us have been very respectful of our choices and civic premises“. No symbols, labels, fashion shows of the big names. Did you hear from Letta? “Yes, and also with the other leaders, but only for mutual thanks. Without interfering with the way we speak to the city: the central institutions need us as much as we need them. Verona need not fear being ambitious. It can become regional leader and European hub, involving the personalities who gravitate here between economy and culture. There is ample room for growth “.

Much will depend on the duel with Sboarina. It starts again from 40 to 33 percent. “Sunday the city can turn the page”, Tommasi’s appeal. “Citizens are at a crossroads and in this sense the final game is simple to interpret: either me or him. I want to listen deeply to those who live here. Perplexities, satisfactions, doubts. If they make me mayor, it will be through direct action ”. There have already been some important endorsements. “The phone call from Fabio Capello, after the first round. He exposed himself beyond all expectations towards me: I really appreciated, because he is the coach who knows me the most. Five years of career are not forgotten ”. Not to mention the tricolor: Rome yesterday Verona tomorrow, who knows. “But there is another episode that has struck me very much these days”. From balloon to coffee. “During a tour of the neighborhoods, a lady wanted me to enter the house. And she began to tell: she lives alone, a moment like this. Since she withdrew her voting card, she had never gone to vote. She showed it to me: she only had one stamp, that of the first shift. The next would have put it on 26 “. Door-to-door charge. “The greatest responsibility. We can’t stop here “. And, in fact, Tommasi goes on. Everyone knows him now.

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