There is room for two “flags”, the ex-market is probed

There is room for two “flags”, the ex-market is probed
There is room for two “flags”, the ex-market is probed

Palermo – There is room for two “flags”, the ex-market is probed

Candidates must have four years of militancy in the club, one should be Accardi who is awaiting renewal.

From Rispoli to Jajalo, up to La Gumina and Fiordilino: there is no shortage of candidates …

This is the title of the Journal of Sicilyon newsstands today.

The article by Benedetto Giardina underlines how the Serie B regulation allows clubs to list two players, defined as “flags” who have played in the same club for at least 4 years, including the youth sector. In the case of Palermo, given that the new company was born after the municipal announcement, it is seen as a continuation of the previous one which then failed. Therefore it will also be possible to draw on the old Palermo. And in this sense, the only one who has a long militancy with the rosanero shirt is Accardi, waiting for a probable renewal.

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Accardi, however, is the only one currently in the squad already present in the old company. To occupy the second place on the list it would be necessary to draw from the old Palermo, see how many players have at least 4 years of militancy and how many are still in business. The list is long, starting with Rispoli (he will disengage from Parma) to continue with Jajalo, very close to Palermo who, however, has renewed with Udinese until 2023. These are the players present in the last year’s team of the old Palermo. Going backwards, among the players still active there are Trajkovski, Chochev, Andelkovic, La Gumina, Fiordilino, Gallo or Da Graca.

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