Murder of the drug kingpin, the killer arrested, is karst

Murder of the drug kingpin, the killer arrested, is karst
Murder of the drug kingpin, the killer arrested, is karst

TRIESTE – The man on whom weigh serious indications of guilt for the murder of Dario Grmek, the 57-year-old Slovenian boss killed with ten stab wounds in his home in Kobjeglava, at the beginning of April of this year, is Italian and resident in the Carso ‘year. The alleged killer was arrested in Slovenia early in the week by agents of the Koper Police Department who, at 1pm today, called a press conference to illustrate the closure of this first part of the investigation. “They go ahead – the Chief Prosecutor Antonio De Nicolo clarified in Trieste – but now we will find an agreement with the Slovenian Prosecutor on how to proceed”.

He had lost track

The investigations on Italian soil – which went ahead simultaneously with the Slovenian ones – were coordinated by the Deputy Prosecutor Pietro Montrone and conducted by the Trieste Local Police in collaboration with the Aurisina carabinieri. According to what has been learned to date and who was in another country before the arrest in Slovenia, the arrested person at the crime scene would have left footprints everywhere, so as to facilitate the work of the investigators once the DNA test was done. . Once Grmek was murdered, the killer then attempted to burn his body. A story that ended badly, with drug trafficking and the control of a part of the drugstore square as the backdrop to the terrible fact of blood. A large quantity of narcotic had been found in the house of the karst hamlet.

The drug ring behind the murder

The investigations

In the investigations at the moment there is only one suspect. From the information in the possession of TriestePrima, the man is not a resident of Prosecco but in another fraction of the Karst. The press conference will also serve to clarify some obscure points of the story. Where did the money from drug trafficking go? What alleged responsibilities did the people have who at first seemed to have played a role in the murder that shocked the small community of Kobjeglava? Net of the answers that will emerge in Koper, it is very likely that the judicial process will end up in the hands of the Slovenian justice and that the killer accused of the murder of Dario Grmek must begin to reflect on how to defend himself from the accusations. That weigh like a boulder.

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