Professionals at the service of the Catanzaro cell of the Grande Aracri, two suspects

Professionals at the service of the Catanzaro cell of the Grande Aracri, two suspects
Professionals at the service of the Catanzaro cell of the Grande Aracri, two suspects

CATANZARO One of the most important investigations against Cutro’s clans does not stop, and is sowing important consequences: the Kyterion investigation that hit hard the Great Aracri clan and the clans orbiting around itconstituting a not indifferent hook also for other investigations conducted against the Cutresi (see, among others, the Aemilia proceeding).
Recently, the Catanzaro DDA closed the preliminary investigations against the banking and financial consultant Domenico Masciari56 years old, from Catanzaro, e Vittoria Proietti, 49 years old, from Subiaco. At the center of the investigation is the figure of Gennaro Pierino Melleaalready definitively convicted in Kyerion and considered to be the head of the “criminal cell” operating in the province of Catanzaro, very trusted contact person in the province of Catanzaro of Nicolino Grande Aracri.
This last section of the investigation, written by the deputy prosecutor Domenico Guarascio, sees Domenico Masciari under investigation for external competition in the mafia association and Vittoria Proietti for receiving stolen goods aggravated by the mafia method.

The “good Christians” at the service of the clan

According to the indictment, Masciari, as a banking and financial consultant, he would provide advice and professional work for the affairs managed by the coterie. In practice it would have helped the members of the Catanzaro cell of the Grande Aracri, in particular Mellea, to reinvest, recycle and reuse large sums in cash (on one occasion, no less than 200 thousand euros) income from the illicit activities of the coterie. According to the survey results, Masciari and Proietti are the “good Christians” (to use an expression dear to the boss Nicolino Grande Aracri), the experienced professionals, which the gang used to use to reinvest huge amounts of dirty money. Masciari would have operated through investments on binary and foreign online financial platforms. In return he would sometimes receive cash from Mellea. On one occasion he would have given cash to Vittoria Proietti, his de facto collaborator, which would subsequently invest this money in the platform.
Proietti’s task would have been to receive cash sums of illicit origin and invest them in foreign online binary trading platforms. The suspect, according to the investigation, has also created bank accounts abroad where to converge the proceeds of financial transactions through wire transfers. In essence, “good Christians” to invest dirty money and create even more money. ([email protected])

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