The Intere ‘Fame Workshop’ project in Civitacampomarano

The Intere ‘Fame Workshop’ project in Civitacampomarano
The Intere ‘Fame Workshop’ project in Civitacampomarano

The cross-border workshop of the European project FAME, INNOVATIVE MODEL for YOUNG ARTISTS CROSS BORDER LABORATORY, organized by the Municipality of Civitacampomarano and which will see the participation of artists and art experts, will be held on Friday 24 and Saturday 25 June at the COC of Civitacampomarano show by the other project partners involved: Municipality of Tirana (lead partner), Pugliese Public Theater and National Radio and Television of Montenegro.

The workshop is aimed at identifying and defining a musical entertainment format that will be implemented during concerts and artistic events of international level in Molise, Puglia, Albania and Montenegro.
The format will see the involvement of 4 groups of artists selected and trained thanks to a 15-day coaching and mentoring program funded by the project and which sees the presence as trainers of established artists of national and international level, including the singer Francesco Occhiofino (aka Reverend), the Montenegrin singer selected for Eurovision 2022 Vladana Vučinić and the Molise rap singer Andrea Ceruallo (aka Janahdan), who will have the opportunity to perform in international musical and artistic contexts.

During the workshop, the partners will also have the opportunity to visit the C’vtà StreetArt Fest event and to get to know the Molise artists selected by the municipality of Civitacampomarano who will take part in international concerts. The project also provides for the creation of an online platform that allows the artists of the territories involved to get in touch with cultural organizations and the entertainment sector in such a way as to favor a meeting between supply and demand for work.

The project is co-financed by the Italy Albania Montenegro cross-border cooperation program.

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