Pd VdA in celebration for membership – Valledaostaglocal.it

Pd VdA in celebration for membership – Valledaostaglocal.it
Pd VdA in celebration for membership – Valledaostaglocal.it

The Democratic Party of Valle d’Aosta organized the 2022 membership party on Friday 17 June. “An important moment of sharing that comes after two years of remote meetings, which allowed us to consolidate a strong and cohesive base” explains the Secretary Luca Tonino, who adds “an evening that involved members in a fundraiser for the Ukraine emergency that will be donated to the Valle d’Aosta Community Foundation”.

On Sunday 19 June, on the other hand, an event dedicated to equal opportunities and motherhood was organized, an opportunity to talk about current issues but still little debated. Clotilde Forcellati, Councilor of the Municipality of Aosta, Paolo Tripodi, President of the III Commission of the Municipality of Aosta, discussed the topic of motherhood together with Dr. Alice Brioschi, editor of the book: You are not your sense of guilt. Reflections against the myth of the “supermum”.

The PD Valle d’Aosta is present and active in the area on topical issues, a series of events will be organized for a real comparison with the population also in the coming months. “PD Valle d’Aosta is always active and ready to deal with citizens residing in the regional territory” concludes Luca Tonino.

ASSEMBLY WORKS: Political situation and the electoral law

“It was a political crisis on which we worked with firmness and determination from the beginning” explains Secretary Luca Tonino, who adds “now we have to set programmatic commitments that can be addressed until the end of the term”.

The Secretariat of the PD VdA a couple of months ago appointed a group with the task of working on the electoral law. A “rich and important” document was drawn up, with the aim of making a contribution to the Regional Council, the only competent body that will have to propose a new electoral law, having previously heard all the political forces present in the Regional Council, those not present in Regional Council in addition to the referendums.

“We don’t want to impose our idea, but we want to make our contribution. Together with the other political forces it is essential to arrive at the best possible electoral law that raises the problem of guaranteeing the governability of our Region ”concludes Luca Tonino.

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