that Porsche bought with the ban

that Porsche bought with the ban
that Porsche bought with the ban

You write Michael Schumacher and you think indissolubly of Ferrari. A perfect and winning combination at the beginning of the 2000s that wrote and rewrote the history of F1 and of the Maranello house brought back to dominate the World Championship for five years. Formula 1. A happy marriage that drags a veil of sadness for the conditions of the Kaiser Schumi after the cursed accident on the snows of Meribel on Christmas 2013. Yet that intense union had a betrayal by the German driver who came to the surface in these days.

Schumacher, his Porsche for sale

AAA Porsche Carrera GT for sale, 14,200 km traveled, in good condition. Led by an illustrious owner, refrain from time wasters “. The announcement of the sale of this ultra-luxury machine that appeared on the platform sounds a bit like this Elfsport. Who owns the car in question? To the 7-time F1 world champion and autosport legend, Michael Schumacher.

Schumacher betrayed Ferrari: what happened

Nothing wrong with that so far. Schumacher like all drivers, and not only, loved to drive and it is easy to think that his fleet was full of beautiful and expensive cars. Except that the terms of the aforementioned betrayal against Ferrari are hidden in the sales announcement itself:

“The vehicle was purchased new by Weber Management and made available to Michael Schumacher, 7 times F1 world champion. Evidence of this is available ”.

The purchase of that Porsche by Michael Schumacher dates back to April 2004. At that time Schumi was stocking up on victories and world titles with the Ferrari to which he was very attached, also and above all by a gold contract. And among the clauses of that contract, as always on the part of the drivers under the aegis of Maranello, there was the exclusivity that Schumacher had to comply with to drive and buy only cars from Ferrari or in any case from the large Fiat family.

Schumacher’s ploy to circumvent the Ferrari clause

Evidently the German driver could not resist his passion for cars, not only for the Ferrari universe. And then he bought the Porsche GT from Weber Management, a company headed by his manager, Willi Weber. The car is black with a 5.7-liter V10 engine that delivers 603 horsepower made in just 1,500 units and, as mentioned, with only 14,200 km on the shoulders.

Many of which, if not all, traveled by His Majesty Schumacher, perhaps incognito, without the management of Maranello knowing. The price has not been indicated but it will certainly not be on sale also because Schumi had it customized with some badges and features expressly requested by the Kerpen sample.

Schumacher, how is he after Meribel’s accident

On 29 December 2013 the life of the German driver, 7 world championships in F1, 5 of which with Ferrari, was turned upside down by a fall on skis that caused him serious brain injuries. His conditions remain critical, with a very strict reserve that feeds more mystery than hopes. Almost 9 years later, the mystery of Schumacher’s real conditions remains: he seems to be alert and can follow what is happening around him with his eyes but with very little interaction with the outside world. The family, from his wife Corinna to their children, Mick who races in F1 for Haas, and Gina Maria, keep the conditions of the kaiser strictly confidential, which last January 3 “celebrated” 53 years.

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