+44 percent in seven days // Umbria24.it

+44 percent in seven days // Umbria24.it
+44 percent in seven days // Umbria24.it

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Also in Umbria the last week of 15-21 June recorded a surge of 44 per cent of new cases. This is certified by the focus of the Gimbe foundation released, as always, on Thursday morning which signals an increase in new cases in all Italian regions and in 105 provinces, therefore all except Vibo Valentia and Caltanissetta. Hospital indicators are also growing, especially that concerning the medical area.

In particular, Umbria shows an increase of 44 per cent of new cases (it was 20.5 per cent last week), which is however lower than the national one, which stands at 58.9 per cent. The situation in the two Umbrian provinces is very different with that of Terni which is around 57 per cent, while in Perugia it stands at 39.3 per cent. As regards the incidence of the currently positive population on 100 thousand inhabitants, however, Umbria returns to above one thousand, with the rate that marks precisely 1,035 (it was 841), substantially in line with the Italian figure, which marks 1,013. On the hospital front, however, also in Umbria the saturation of beds in the medical area is growing, reaching 17.2 percent (it was 13.9), with a rate that is more than double the Italian one, which marks 7, 5 percent. Intensive care employment is largely under control, but still on the rise over the past week, which in Umbria marks 1.2 per cent (it was zero) compared to 2.2 per cent nationally.

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