F1 – Canadian GP 2022: why did the Ferrari / Leclerc package not work?

Be nominated “driver of the day“, In F1, does not bring points. Nor, we hope, will ever do it because it cannot be a home jury, therefore conditioned by primordial impulses such as love, passion and cheering, to determine the ranking movements. In any case, this “facade title” awarded by the fans shows that a particular driver distinguished himself for particular maneuvers or for having conducted the race in such an exciting way as to stand out from the rest of the troop.

In Canada was Charles Leclerc to be awarded the honor. An insipid broth since Max Verstappenmeanwhile, he managed to hold off the ferocious attacks of a very aggressive one Carlos Sainz taking home the entire stake.

Which allowed him to continue on that positive streak that started in Grand Prix of Emilia Romagna and that continues inexorably: Maranello in the throes of a real point hemorrhage; Milton Keynes to capitalize on every little opportunity that the track offers.


Charles Leclerc (Scuderia Ferrari) – Canadian GP 2022

F1. Did Ferrari and Leclerc do their utmost to reach the podium in Montreal?

The doubt that snakes, beyond the recognition that the Monegasque would have gladly exchanged for something more serious, namely a victory, is the following: Did Ferrari do their best during the Canadian GP? Was the strategy that resulted in car no.16 being penalized the most effective or was the evaluation of a track that should have been more facilitating on overtaking paper wrong? Yet, Did Leclerc put his maximum effort into it or could he have done more in some key stages of the GP?

Questions that are likely to remain unanswered. Questions to which Jacques Villeneuve however, he tried to answer in his usual edgy, unfiltered and far too direct style. Which often generates controversy and virulent reactions.



The error in the Ferrari garage that negatively weighed on Charles Leclerc’s comeback

Despite the comeback from the nineteenth to the fifth final place of which she became the protagonist Red of the Monegasque, the 1997 world champion did not let himself go to ecstatic comments considering that with one Ferrari in dazzling technical form the goal was to get close to the Red Bull and not to settle behind the couple Mercedes which is still struggling with quite evident hopping and performance limiting problems (read here).

The first criticism is that Villeneuve produces is reserved for prancing Horse and the decision to go into penalty: “Before the race – reported the ex Williamsthey took those penalties because they believed that a Montrealat worst, they could finish fourth with Perez still in the race“. Which they have not been able to do due to a probable underestimation of the chances of overtaking a track that has certainly not exalted the new generation cars. And this is a related issue that Liberty Media should start seriously and evaluate.

Leclercdespite having been the victim of a pit stop wrong – and here we return to the bad management of the pressure moment that is characterizing the Ferrari season – it was however put back into play by safety car real and virtual that have actually brought him in the neighborhood of Mercedes.

Wrong stop and too much time spent fighting in the group are at the base, second Villeneuveof the incomplete comeback that, if complete, could bring the Monegasque to the podium: Fighting for those positions killed their tires. That is why they ultimately did not reach the Mercedes“.



F1. Jaques Villeneuve, 1997 world champion, wanders around the F1 Paddock

F1. Villeneuve believes that Leclerc still has to grow to become world champion

Making a general law from the specific case is a way of proceeding which has been superseded by history. But Jacques Villeneuveciting the Canadian difficulties, he tries to show that the talented Monegasque driver still lacks some details in his technical background to be able to compete for the biggest haul.

Charles is very fast – explained the son of art to the F1nation podcast – but right now he still makes a few small mistakes that he shouldn’t make“. To support his theory without falling into determinism he cites the previous key, the moment from which he comes back to Max Verstappen has taken hold: the topic commissioned in Imola as he tried to keep up with Sergio Perez who, as a good squire, protected the escape of his Dutch colleague.



Charles Leclerc, Scuderia Ferrari Ferrari

That Leclerc he has innate talent and speed to spare are obvious factors that are confirmed every time he challenges the stopwatch. The six pole positions, some of which were obtained in a tightrope walk, are there to prove it. Where a step forward is needed, according to the driver Canadian, is in the management of key moments.

Area in which, at the moment, Verstappen appears superior. Which probably derives from his status as world champion and from a general greater experience both in fighting for the world championship and in managing the pressures that are “breathed” by a top team.

Still, the Dutchman, despite his young age, is already in the eighth season in F1 compared to five of the rival. Three years more than at the highest level can make a difference in terms of championship management. Clearly these are details and elements that can be overcome also thanks to the collaboration of the franchise to which they belong, which must create that healthy operational context that is the foundation on which to build the personal arc of triumph.

F1-Author: Diego Catalano@ diegocat1977

Photo: F1, Ferrari F1 team

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