Five top managers of Venetian healthcare reported to the Fiamme Gialle

Five top managers of Venetian healthcare reported to the Fiamme Gialle
Five top managers of Venetian healthcare reported to the Fiamme Gialle

Is it true or is it not true that there are some leaders of the Venetian Ulss or of the regional health system who receive a salary and a pension at the same time? Does such conduct violate the provisions of national law prohibiting such overlapping? Does such conduct constitute damage to the tax authorities and possibly a criminal offense? These are, in a nutshell, the questions contained in a statement addressed to the Guardia di Finanza of Venice as well as to the public prosecutors of the Republic of Veneto by the Cub union: yesterday 22 June announced its initiative with a note issued in the first afternoon which bears the signature of the Venetian secretary of the same union, Maria Teresa Turetta from Vicenza.

“We have learned from the press – writes the union leader in her note – that investigations by the judiciary are underway in Basilicata, there is talk of the tax authorities at the moment, for the position of general manager of the Potenza Local Health Authority entrusted to Dr. Giampaolo Stopazzolo, former senior manager of the Vicenza healthcare system. The investigations, from what we learn, are aimed at verifying whether we are faced with undue treatment given that the pension and salary of the manager from Vicenza are cumulated ». In some respects the Stopazzolo affair is the most delicate.

The manager, already a prominent figure in the health care of the Agno-Chiampo district, in the past had been criticized by the Veneto environmentalist galaxy for some of his positions on the case of pollution from fluorine derivatives, (these are the dreaded Pfas, the scandal has affected the Central Veneto) considered “reductionist”. In any case, the Stopazzolo Basilicata case had also appeared in Il Fatto Quotidiano. While juxtaposed in Basilicata, after the revelations of the Lucanian newspaper “La nuova”, a real political earthquake was unleashed: also because the affaire nomine, as “La nuova” tells us, is also being dealt with by the Lucan criminal judiciary and not just the tax authorities.

In any case, compared to what happened in the Veneto region, the Cub union mentions names and surnames. In total there are five: «According to the national media and those of the Northeast – we read – it seems that there are similar cases involving the directions of some Venetian Ulss. One would speak in this sense of the director of the Padua hospital doctor Giuseppe Dal Ben, of the director of Ulss 2 Treviso doctor Francesco Benazzi, of the director of Ulss 3 Serenissima in Venice doctor Edgardo Contato, of the director of Ulss 8 Berica di Vicenza doctor Giuseppina Bonavina, director of the Padua School of Public Health Foundation doctor Francesco Cobello. The same goes for the general director of health in the Veneto Region, that is, doctor Luciano Flor ». It was precisely the latter, Turetta points out that he admitted that he was “aware of the investigations in Basilicata” so much so that he declared that he had initiated some checks on the individual positions of the Veneto healthcare managers. «We imagine – Turetta remarks with some irony – that this verification also affects his personal position».

But there is more. The basic union Cub recalls in this sense that “the Madia law 124/2014 has placed an explicit prohibition on public administrations from assigning managerial, managerial, study and consultancy positions to individuals who are already private or public workers retired”. Moreover, circular number 6 of 2014 issued at the time by the Ministry of the Civil Service highlights, among others, “the prohibition on entrusting the positions of medical director to those who are retired. In particular, the administrations must avoid conduct that is evasive of the law or the entrusting of management positions to those who are close to retirement ». Usually when a retired public manager gets an assignment, the latter is not paid because it is precisely the pension that covers the relevant entitlements. The rationale of the Madia law was in fact to avoid the multiplication of public prebends and at the same time to facilitate the assumption of certain positions by younger officials in order to modernize, where possible, the management of the public administration.

Therefore, these are the reasons behind the initiative of the independent acronym For these reasons, the CUB on 20 June 2022 presented a complaint, twenty-two pages full of regulatory citations and press clippings, to the Guardia di Finanza of Venice and to the individual prosecutors of the republic of Veneto. “We want to understand – underlines the secretary – if it is true that the health managers appointed by the Veneto Region itself collectively receive the pension and salary as a manager, which currently is around 130 thousand euros a year. We have decided to act in this sense to allow the authorities in charge to identify, should they emerge, the responsibilities of each one, including the existence of any criminally relevant conduct and the existence of tax damage “.

The Cub note concludes with a general comment on the matter: “Net of the facts presented by us, we cannot fail to notice the abysmal silence that in relation to the present case has fallen on the regional council and on the administrative heads of the Veneto Region as well as on those of the Ulss: with the exception of some more or less insignificant exits. Even the groups within the Veneto Regional Council and politics as a whole, with a few very rare exceptions, have remained in an embarrassing silence which, if not synonymous with complicity, is synonymous with tragicomic inconsistency “.

But how does the Venetian councilor for health, Manuela Lanzarin, think about it? And how does your Lucanian counterpart Francesco Fanelli think? Do you agree with the work of the managers cited by the CUB because they respect the rules or are there elements to censor certain behaviors? And what is Fanelli’s opinion on the Stopazzolo case? The writer asked both councilors for a comment. From the latter, however, at least for the moment, no reply has come.

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