Two eaglets stolen from the nest in Sicily will be released in Sardinia

Two eaglets stolen from the nest in Sicily will be released in Sardinia
Two eaglets stolen from the nest in Sicily will be released in Sardinia


Yesterday the arrival at the port of Cagliari of the young specimens of Bonelli’s eagle recovered by the carabinieri

Two young specimens of Bonelli’s eagle arrived yesterday in Sardinia, seized by the forest police of the Palermo Nature Crime Center: disappeared from a nest, they were found at the home of a Porto Empedocle man, who was detaining them without authorization.

As soon as possible, the two eagles will be freed on the island thanks to the “Aquila A-Life” project, which provides for an increase in the presence of this species in the western Mediterranean.

Raptors are around 40 days old. After the release from the seizure ordered by the judicial authority, in agreement with the Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, they were collected by Cites specialized personnel of the carabinieri at the Regional Wildlife Recovery Center of Ficuzza and transferred on board of a Grimaldi ship, which then arrived in Cagliari at 9pm.

At the port the two young eagles were taken by the soldiers of the Cagliari nature anti-crime center, to be then entrusted to the personnel of the “Aquila A-Life” project.

A few weeks ago the technicians of the Group of Birds of Prey and of the Project of Birds of Prey Sicily of the WWF had reported the disappearance of the two chicks, thanks to the monitoring of the nests carried out precisely to prevent thefts.

After a series of investigations, the carabinieri found the young eagles in a dilapidated structure, where they were detained without authorization. The birds had been immediately examined by the veterinarians of the Veterinary Prevention Department of the ASP of Agrigento and the seizure order had been taken.

In Sicily lives the only reproductive population of Bonelli’s eagle. Here over the years the removal of the chicks for illicit trafficking has risked making the population disappear, now present with about 20 breeding pairs. For this the European Union financed the Life CON.RA.SI. – Conservation of Sicilian Raptors – which this time allowed the recovery of two specimens.

Thursday, June 23, 2022

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