Here is the idea for your next summer vacation: Calabria

Here is the idea for your next summer vacation: Calabria
Here is the idea for your next summer vacation: Calabria

To visit Reggio Calabria, Tropea, Pizzo Calabro, Crotone and Capo Rizzuto

Calabria is one of the richest Italian regions in culture, beaches and gastronomic ideas. But this is not enough for the Calabrian land to be counted among those most visited by tourists who choose to stay or come to Italy for their holidays.

If on the one hand this should be a stimulus to encourage a greater influx through the promotion of the territory, on the other hand all this is excellent for those who want a quiet holiday, without the chaos of the nerve centers of tourism. But the absence of chaos does not mean boredom and Calabria is a demonstration of this.

Here are some ideas of places to visit during your next holidays in Calabria, a journey in which you can discover some of the beauties of southern Italy.

Reggio Calabria
Let’s start from the “bottom”, that is the southernmost area of ​​Calabria, Reggio Calabria, in addition to being a good point of arrival, thanks to its airport, offers from its beautiful promenade splendid views of the Strait of Messina, alongside wonderful beaches, museums and parks. Among the museums, we mention that of Magna Graecia, which among its treasures preserves the Riace Bronzes. These are the famous 5th century BC statues of two lifelike Greek warriors, which were recovered in the Ionian Sea in 1972.

But the most beautiful marine environments in Calabria are probably those of Tropea: beautiful cliffs, priceless beaches, a panorama made unique by the Monastery of Santa Maria dell’Isola. The town is one of the most popular with swimmers who choose Calabria, and among lovers of typical products: how not to mention, and how not to go right here to taste the Tropea onion.

Pizzo Calabro
Next to Tropea, you cannot miss a mention (and you cannot miss a visit) for the crystalline sea of ​​Pizzo Calabro. And after a day on the beach, it will be a pleasure to visit the historic part of the town, with the Aragonese Castle, the Cathedral of San Giorgio, the Garibaldi Fountain, the Church of Piedigrotta

We arrive in Crotone, overlooking the Ionian Sea, which next to the visit of the beautiful historic center, gives us the opportunity to visit the Castle of Charles V, a medieval fortress that stands out in the ancient part of the city. While if we move south, out of town, passing beyond Capo Rizzuto, in the locality of Le Castella we find the iconic Aragonese Castle, one of the best known in southern Italy, among the symbols of Calabria.

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