A fugitive since 2016 and escaped the anti-narcos blitz: Amato captured in Andalusia

A fugitive since 2016 and escaped the anti-narcos blitz: Amato captured in Andalusia
A fugitive since 2016 and escaped the anti-narcos blitz: Amato captured in Andalusia

LECCE – He had also escaped a maxi operation taken at dawn on 12 May against drug trafficking and the recycling of works of art. Exactly one month after the blitz of the Milan District Anti-Mafia Directorate, the fugitive from Salento Vincenzo Amato captured by the police. He was in fact arrested yesterday evening in Benalmadena, a tourist resort in southern Spain between Marbella and Malaga.

The 45-year-old from Scorrano had lost track of him since March 2016 and was on the list of the 110 most dangerous fugitives. He must serve a final sentence of 19 years and five months of imprisonment for criminal association aimed at drug trafficking. The investigative activity was coordinated by the Dda at the Public Prosecutor’s Office of Lecce and carried out by the Central Anti-Crime Directorate of the Public Security Department, in collaboration with the mobile team of the Salento capital and also with the colleagues of the Service for international police cooperation and of the Iberian ones.

According to the reconstructions carried out piece by piece by the police, the 45-year-old would have taken refuge first in Greece, before reaching Andalusia. The investigations led the investigators to the coastal town, more precisely in the direction of the home of a woman who was later found to be romantically linked to Amato. At the moment there are no other suspects: no one formally involved for having covered his inaction.

After several investigations, based on wiretapping, collection of elements through local informants and shadowing with the Spanish police team specializing in the capture of fugitives, the arrest was triggered upon Amato’s return to the apartment. Waiting for him outside, dozens and dozens of policemen.

The most recent of the measures against him concerns a precautionary measure in prison, ordered at the end of the operation of the Milanese mobile team and which involved 31 individuals (of which 21 in cells, three under house arrest and seven subject to the obligation to sign) . The Salento – who jumped to the headlines also because he was considered the head of one of the two groups involved in the Orione operation in 2018 – was held responsible for an international trafficking of cocaine, hashish and ketamine. In these hours the procedures for his extradition are underway.

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