End of life, Fabio Ridolfi chooses deep sedation and continues: “I can no longer continue to suffer because of the delays in the state”

I can no longer continue to suffer because of the delays of a state that ignores me ”. They are the words Fabio Ridolfi46-year-old from Fermignano (in the province of Pesaro-Urbino), immobilized in bed for 18 years due to a tetraparesis, who “chose to put an end to his suffering through deep sedation and continuedto”. He communicated it himself, let theLuca Coscioni Association, through the eye pointer: “For two months my suffering has been recognized as unbearable. I have all the conditions to be helped to die, but the state ignores me. At this point I choose deep sedation and continue even if it prolongs the agony for those who love me “.,

The decision comes as a result of the lack of response from the Marche health service that, after having communicated 40 days late the opinion of the Ethics Committee with the green light for medical aid for voluntary death, has never indicated an opinion on the drug and its methods of administration. For this reason Fabio Ridolfi on May 27 also had Asur Marche formally warned to carry out tests on the drug in a short time. A warning to which, however, Asur never replied- Once the terms expired, Fabio’s lawyers could legitimately proceed with a criminal action against those responsible for the breach for omission of official acts.

“Fabio had a right, that of being able to choose medical aid for voluntary death, legally exercisable on the basis of the judgment 242 of the Constitutional Court (relating to the case of Dj Fabo). A right that was his denied due to constant delays and of the obstruction of a State which, while affirming that it has all the requisites envisaged by the constitutional judgment and recognizing that its sufferings are unbearable, prevents it from saying enough. Fabio deserves respect and not to be ignored by a state that cruelly forces him to continuous suffering and does not guarantee his legally enforceable choice “, declared the lawyer Filomena GalloNational Secretary of the Coscioni Association e Marco Cappato, the treasurer. “Every day that passes for Fabio is one more day of suffering, which is why he has decided to not wanting to wait any longer and to proceed with deep sedation and with the suspension of life support treatments. He has been waiting for over two months and the Asur continues to ignore his request, after having kept an opinion in a drawer for 40 days that affirmed the presence of the requisites to legally access assisted suicide. We cannot fail to notice too the absolute silence of national politicsengaged in the cover-up in the Senate of the text of the law on aid for suicide, after the Constitutional Court prevented the people from expressing their opinion on the referendum ”.

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