What weapons Italy will give to Ukraine: FH70 guns, Lince off-road vehicles and anti-tank launchers

What weapons Italy will give to Ukraine: FH70 guns, Lince off-road vehicles and anti-tank launchers
What weapons Italy will give to Ukraine: FH70 guns, Lince off-road vehicles and anti-tank launchers

After the trip to the US, Prime Minister Mario Draghi returns to Palazzo Chigi and prepares for the report in Parliament on the Moscow-Kiev war scheduled for May 19. While the third decree to send arms to Ukraine is ready and about to land in Official Gazette. The ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs and the Economy worked on it. And for the provision there will be no vote because the resolutions passed in the Chambers on 1 March last are still fully in force as a legal basis until 31 December, which also provide for “the sale of military equipment and instruments that allow Ukraine to exercise the right to self-defense and to protect its population ”. But what weapons will Italy give to Ukraine?

The third decree and heavy artillery in Kiev

The list, explains today the Corriere della Sera, will still be classified. But it will contain mortars, Stinger launchers, machine guns, rounds and anti-tank launchers. Maybe even tanks. For Defense Minister Lorenzo Guerini this third decree “is the continuation of our commitment as indicated by the parliament”. According to Republic on the other hand, the new package of military aid to Ukraine has not yet been defined in detail. But two pieces of equipment are definitely destined for Kiev on the list. That is the 155 mm caliber artillery pieces that other NATO countries have already sent to the front to fight the Russian batteries. And then the FH70 guns should also arrive, which are equipped with an engine that allows small movements and repositioning.

The FH70s are 12 meters long, have a range of over 20 kilometers and can hold bullets with ten kilos of explosives. The Italian army has more than 160 at its disposal. The other means that should reach the front is the Lynx. That is the Iveco off-road vehicle capable of resisting mines. The Russian army also has it in its equipment. And the Ukrainians captured many of them during the Russian invasion. There will be no drones and electronic systems. Because the Italian Defense has very few of them, even if Leonardo produces several models. The hypothesis, explains the newspaper, is that they are commissioned by Ukraine with a normal contract. The same could happen with the Falco reconnaissance drones, which in the past Leonardo hired to the UN military contingents.

The political controversy

Meanwhile, the parties that make up the majority that supports the Draghi government are already in a state of excitement. The M5s remains on the barricades for the arms issue in Kiev, Matteo Salvini asks the Prime Minister for a meeting after the face to face with Joe Biden. From LeU the deputy Stefano Fassina expresses a shared position in camera caritatis also from other majority colleagues, first of all five-starred: «A report is not enough. The premier’s communications are necessary so that the Chambers can re-express themselves with a vote on the dispatch of weapons “.

Giuseppe Conte also insists: «After the third decree to send arms to Ukraine we will have already given a sufficient contribution and done our part. Now we must be at the forefront on another front and push hard for a negotiation and a political solution ». From the Democratic Party the secretary Enrico Letta ideally replies: «We will listen to Draghi in Parliament and on the basis of this we will decide on the next steps. I don’t feel like saying that things have changed with a scenario that is exactly that of two months ago: the Ukrainians continue to be killed and massacred ».

European weapons

In the meantime, however, something is also moving in Europe. A document that will be presented on Friday to the European Commission and anticipated today by Marco Bresolin on The print says that the European Union wants to establish a single purchasing center for military equipment as well, promoting joint procurement in order to favor economies of scale, avoid competition between member states and above all avoid overlaps. “The Member States – recalls the Commission – have so far announced that in the next few years there will be significant increases in their defense budgets, about 200 billion additional euros”.

And therefore, if the 2% of GDP target is reached, military spending would increase by 60-70 billion euros in one year. But to date, only 11% of military spending is made through collaborative investments between multiple nations. The remaining 89% follows national logic and needs: “It is estimated that the lack of cooperation costs tens of billions of euros a year”. This is why the EU aims to rise to at least 35%. With what weapons? Europe lacks air and missile defense. Drones with surveillance capabilities are also needed. And there is also the need to modernize the equipment of tanks. The further strengthening of naval forces is also described as “fundamental”, while there is “an urgent need to replenish stocks of ammunition, missiles and other spare parts”.

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