a few hours earlier she had been treated in the emergency room

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A 24-year-old from Pozzuoli died after feeling ill at home, in the afternoon she had been treated in the emergency room of the same hospital

Posted on: 25-01-2023 23:47


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A 24-year-old girl died at the Santa Maria delle Grazie hospital in Pozzuoli, in the province of Naples. According to what was reconstructed by the ASL Napoli 2 Nord, the girl had been in the emergency room of the same hospital a few hours earlier, on the afternoon of Wednesday 25 January. After receiving the necessary treatment, the 24-year-old was discharged, but once she got home she suffered an illness that led to her death.

Pozzuoli, a 24-year-old dies

Angela Brandi, this is the name of the young woman, had reached the Emergency room presenting nosebleeds.

The epistaxis had been treated by an ENT specialist for varicose veins in the nasal septum. Once medicated, the 24-year-old was discharged.

Discharged a few hours earlier from the emergency room

When she got home, she fell ill and was taken to the hospital again. According to the health report, the 24-year-old arrived in the emergency room in cardiac arrest and nothing could be done to prevent her death.

It is the ASL itself, in a note signed by the general manager Mario Iervolinoto announce the opening of an internal investigation to clarify the death of the young woman.

“Prompt and immediate collaboration was given to the judicial authority by delivering the entire clinical documentation requested and trusts in the investigations arranged by the same to ascertain the causes and possible responsibilities”, reads the note.


The investigation by the Naples prosecutor’s office

In the meantime also the Prosecutor of Naples he opened an investigation and, as a first act, decided to seize the body.

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The 24-year-old’s medical record was acquired by the carabinieri.

The investigation is coordinated by the deputy prosecutor Simona Di Monte of the VI section “Labour and Professional Misdemeanors”.

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