Juventus, capital gains case, Kulusevski can return. Here because

Juventus, capital gains case, Kulusevski can return. Here because
Juventus, capital gains case, Kulusevski can return. Here because
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Tottenham have a redemption obligation of 35 million, but if the club and the Swede do not meet the conditions, only a redemption right will remain. And without Paratici and perhaps Conte…

For a McKennie who should go out the door, watch out for Kulusevski who could come back by surprise through the window. Juventus are home here, the latest measure against the former sporting director Fabio Paratici, now at Tottenham, can also weigh on the black and white market and, therefore, on the accounts. So much so that the fate of the two players who arrived at Continassa in the summer of 2020 could be intertwined, both in the club’s idea of ​​rejuvenating the workforce for the future.


But if McKennie has been used in different areas of the pitch in recent seasons and in the end has always made himself useful in some way, Kulusevski only lasted a year and a half at Juve without leaving his mark. When Paratici proposed him to follow him to Tottenham he didn’t think twice about moving to the Premier League, from that moment the Conte cure transformed him and brought him back to excellent levels of performance. However, the projection for the future is less clear and remains to be verified. Tottenham have a redemption obligation of 35 million if the Swede plays at least 50% of the available appearances this season and if he achieves qualification for the next Champions League, a difficult goal to achieve. Part B of the agreement – that of the acquisition right regardless of appearances and results – seemed decidedly more solid thanks to the presence of Paratici, whose position in the club is now more unstable due to the inhibition. What if he was forced to leave? Without the former Juventus manager and with Conte’s probable departure from the scene – who is “sick for home” – those 35 million are far from guaranteed for Juve’s coffers, which is speeding up the sale of McKennie in this session.


On the US midfielder there are several English clubs and someone from the Bundesliga. Juve had caught him from Schalke 04, he would know how to move in Germany. But his future will be in England: Leeds now appear to have an advantage over the others because they intend to approach the Bianconeri’s request (precisely on those 35 million, between fixed and variable portion) and to make the player feel important, who in that context would also find an American trainer (Marsch). If the Bournemouth hypothesis warmed up the Juve midfielder little and the traces of Aston Villa and Fulham have not evolved compared to the initial polls on a par with Arsenal’s meeting with the agents, Leeds seem to have put the arrow in the fast lane for go straight to your destination to load the player on board and immediately insert it into your project. At that point McKennie and Kulusevski could face each other as opponents, in the Premier League, for the last game of the season (May 28), aware that they are twins with a destiny that is still to be deciphered.

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