How to download apps not yet available in Italy?

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Have you ever wanted to install an application from Google Playbut to find yourself in front of the writing “App not available in your country”? The reason is obvious: the store only allows you to download apps that are available in your region. So it is possible that there are some forbidden or that has yet to be released in Italy, while abroad it is already available.

To gain access to the desired application you will need change your country in Google Play: you can do it easily through a VPNswhich of course comes at a cost. Note, however, that you can only make this change once a year and after doing so, you will no longer be able to use your previous region’s Play Store balance. In addition, you will also need to add a payment method enabled in the new region to complete the operation successfully.

How to change your country in Google Play from Android

First, choose your VPN. We advise you CyberGhostVPN, one of the safest, most versatile and most advantageous in the sector. Once connected, select the country you want from the list – make sure the VPN you choose allows you to choose from a large selection of servers. For example, CyberGhost makes available to its users over 9,000 servers in 91 countries.

Once the desired foreign country has been selected, clear app data Google Play Store: Go to your phone’s settings and scroll down until you find the section dedicated to apps. Here locate Google Play and choose to clear data. Don’t worry, this won’t delete any of your existing apps, it will simply reset the store to use your new foreign IP address the next time you open it.

Go back to Google Play and open the settings menu, select “General” then “Account and device preferences”. At that moment, the store should detect yours new foreign IP addressgiving you the option to switch countries.

Why a VPN and which one to use?

Google Play uses your IP address to know your location and what country you are in. That’s exactly how it determines which apps and content to show you. Normally, therefore, do not then change the location of your store without actually moving abroad. This is where a VPN comes in. Its purpose is to hide your real IP address and redirect your internet traffic through an encrypted VPN tunnel. Just choose the country you want: for Google Play, it will be as if you were actually there.


It is important to note that downloading apps from a foreign region via VPN may be a violation of the terms of service, so it is important to always be aware of the risks and ensure that you use a reliable VPN service. We recommend CyberGhost VPN: not only is it a fast and versatile solution, but it is also extremely secure. The service offered by CyberGhost, in fact, integrates the 256-bit AES encryption military-grade to ensure user privacy and security. Moreover, the rigorous no logs policy ensures that the company never shares any data with third parties.

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How does CyberGhost VPN work? Just one click to connect to one of the over 9744 VPN servers of the network and enjoy complete digital protection. You can choose a server yourself, for example to connect to the desired country, or you can select one from the list of servers optimized for different online activities. Designed for maximum speed, CyberGhost delivers unlimited bandwidth: Goodbye slow load times and constant buffering.

The VPN i CyberGhost supports up to 7 devices simultaneously and offers dedicated applications for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac and Linux, as well as support for routers, game consoles and smart TVs. Maximum security, therefore, at an affordable price: thanks to the special promotion, which you can access exclusively through this link, the two-year plan is discounted at only 2.19 euros per month, with two months free offered by the company. And if CyberGhost doesn’t quite satisfy you, you can ask a full refund within 45 days from signing up to the plan.

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