hospitalized in serious condition, maybe she’s pregnant

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In Rome, a young woman was beaten in the middle of the street and reduced to a serious condition. The circle tightens around the former partner

Posted on: 25-01-2023 11:20


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Beaten to blood in the street from the ex partner. It is the drama experienced by one young woman of foreign origin who on the morning of Tuesday 24 January was transported by ambulance in serious condition to the emergency room of the San Giovanni hospital in Rome.

Assault in Rome near the metro

Investigators are working to outline the contours of the story. At the moment it is known that the woman was beaten near a kebab sandwich shop which is located not far from the bus stop Arco di Travertino metro line A.

the young, maybe pregnant, she sought salvation by fleeing and running terrified and bleeding among passers-by. The first excited words to those who gave her first aid were her “she hit me”.

Photo Source: Tuttocittà

In the image, the area of ​​the attack which took place near the Arco di Travertino metro station in the south-eastern suburbs of Rome.

In a few minutes the police cars and the ambulance reached the parking lot in front of the subway stop. Having ascertained the serious conditions of the woman, the immediate rush to the hospital where the young woman was subjected to the appropriate treatment.

Her conditions, still seriousthey would however slightly improved in the hours following admission.

Some officers remained on site to acquire testimony and to check for the presence of any video surveillance cameras that could provide useful information for the investigation.

Investigations that are entrusted to the agents of the area police station, assisted by the investigators of the IV Section of the Mobile Squad, a body specialized in dealing with cases of domestic and gender-based violence.

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Woman beaten in Rome, nobody saw anything

‘Il Messaggero’ reports the story of a local merchant: “The policemen came, there were many of them, more than one car and they began to ask all of us if we had seen a couple arguing animatedly today (yesterday, ed). But here no one noticed the crime.”

As the hours go by, as the newspapers report, the circle seems to tighten more and more around the alleged perpetrator: the woman’s ex, a young man of probable North African origin.

The charge of attempted femicide is being evaluated

For him the accusation of serious injuriesor maybe even that of attempted femicide. To perfect the charge, the outcome of the prognosis is awaited, which will soon be drawn up by the doctors.

Femicides in Italy

In Italy there were 120 women killed in 2022. Statistics show that most found death at the hands of relatives, companions, husbands and exes.

Police cars

Photo Source: iStock

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