Charity for Nora: more than 300,000 euros raised, the fans also mobilised

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Charity for Nora: fundraising on the GoFund me platform exceeded 300,000 euros. Mobilization also for the rossoblucerchiate fans, thousands of stickers for Nora were sold last Sunday in the South.

Nora’s story has touched the hearts of the Genoese. The 5-year-old girl suffers from Ewing’s sarcoma and is followed at Gaslini where she had to face many tests and therapies. But after a control CT scan, the cold shower arrived for her parents: the therapy of the chemotherapy cycles of the last nine months has not had the desired results.

Hope for the little one is called Texas: only in America at the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston can find the cure for his disease. A trip and a type of medical treatment, however, really prohibitive in terms of economics.

Charity for Nora: game from December 28 after the harsh response of the CAT scan

Thus began the race for solidarity with a fundraiser on the GoFundMe ch platformand in just two days it reached 56 thousand euros and the charity does not stop. The initiative was also promoted by the rossoblucerchiate fans, a real point of reference for many Genoese, so as to involve as many people as possible. Through announcements on Instagram and Facebook starting from pages of rossoblù fans there was an important word of mouth that spread widely and so also on the Samp side they acted in the name of solidarity.

Fans for Nora

Both fans have disseminated the fundraiser on social platforms and groups of the South and Federclubs have also organized a series of stickers to sell for Nora.

The stickers were distributed on Sunday for the match against Udinese, and to embrace the day dedicated to Vialli, they depicted the number 9 with the Mancini twin. An initiative of which Vialli himself – also known in the charity field – would have been proud.

To date the fundraiser has reached 328,000 euros, exceeding the ceiling of 300,000 that was set at the outset and therefore the road to Texas now seems mapped out for this Genoese family.

To organize the collection was Eliana Pilloniwho also told how this long nightmare began:

“On April 28, for a very simple little ball behind the knee, which made me limp, my father and mother took me to the Giannina Gaslini hospital for a simple check-up. That checkup became my nightmare. Mine, my family and all those who love me, acquaintances and others.

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I have been fighting extra bone Ewing sarcoma for nine months, with a smile, with all the supports, with my vitality and liveliness. But from December 28 – Eliana always writes as the spokesperson for the child – after a control CT scan, the response was devastating. The metastases that invaded my lungs have taken over. They were aiming to put my stem cells back into circulation, but that won’t be possible, because the accursed metastases prevent this treatment.

The alternative would be to consider other medical opinions, other specialists, preferably abroad. A search by mom and dad with the support of friends and relatives led to an option: the Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, a state-of-the-art hospital for this cursed sarcoma. Trying everything and everything to hope for some alternative cure, to hope to have that news which unfortunately I did not have in Italy “.

However, a desperate appeal that mobilized the Genoese community and beyond, to give Nora the hope of finding the cure, of returning to life and being carefree, as it should be for a five-year-old girl.

Come on Nora!

Cover photo: Genova Today

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