Newborn dead at Pertini, the mother’s roommate: I called the nurse

Newborn dead at Pertini, the mother’s roommate: I called the nurse
Newborn dead at Pertini, the mother’s roommate: I called the nurse
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A witness of the tragic moments that led to the death of a newborn at the Pertini hospital appears. The alarm was raised by the roommate of the mother who lost the child.

“Next week I will present a complaint to the prosecutor’s office, documented with a defensive investigation”. It is the next move by Alessandro Palombi, the lawyer together with his colleague Michela Tocci, of the mother of the newborn who died while breastfeeding at the Sandro Pertini hospital in Rome on 8 January. As reported by Corriere della Sera, a new detail appears in the affair on which an investigation is open for manslaughter, currently against unknown persons. It seems that another mother raised the alarm, hospitalized in the same room as the woman, who fell asleep while she was breastfeeding her three-day-old son in her arms, exhausted after having faced seventeen hours of labor.

It would therefore have been a patient and not the medical staff on duty to realize that something was wrong. On this aspect, the public ministered Maria Sabina Calabretta wants to see clearly, to understand how many and which checks were made on the night of the tragedy by the nurses on duty. Investigations that will help the investigators to establish whether or not there is responsibility for negligence and impudence towards those who should have provided assistance to women who had recently given birth.

Lack of surveillance hypothesis

According to Corriere, in fact, on the night the dramatic events took place, the roommate of the mother who lost her baby noticed that something was wrong: she realized that the baby was in danger of suffocating under the weight of the mother, who she had fallen asleep from exhaustion. The patient called the nurse, who intervened, but it was already too late for the baby. Under the magnifying glass of the investigators there is also the hypothesis that there was a lack of surveillance on the part of the Pertini staff on duty.

With regard to the hypothesis of a lack of surveillance which has been written about in the newspapers in recent days, the strategic management of ASL Roma 2 in a press release “categorically rejects this representation, as there are no shortages of personnel in service. At patients is ensured adequate care and compliance with the organizational requirements established by current legislation, which determines, moreover, a high level of satisfaction on the part of users as evidenced by the increase in volumes of activity”. And he announced that he has “initiated a clinical audit”.

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