Peter Windsor stands with Andretti: “Correct approach, General Motors in Formula 1 only with him”

Peter Windsor stands with Andretti: “Correct approach, General Motors in Formula 1 only with him”
Peter Windsor stands with Andretti: “Correct approach, General Motors in Formula 1 only with him”
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Comments on the next entry of Andretti And General Motors in Formula 1 they keep coming every day more and more. These two big American names in motoring intend to enter the Circus with the new power unit regulations in force from 2026, despite the fact that the current teams are resisting so as not to lose that piece of the cake agreed in recent years. Andretti, however, is categorical, and knows he has the upper hand, having a brand like General Motors on his side. Peter Windsorformer team manager of Ferrari And Williams in this period he is expressing opinions on several fronts through his own Twitch channel, and also the above question has certainly not gone into the background.

“Michael’s approach is the right one – Windsor said. If he had presented himself, the teams would have given the go-ahead just buying one of them, but he wants to create one for him, and apparently the teams are not very happy. For this reason, the link with Cadillac as a supplier is the winning move, Liberty would be enthusiastic about it: this is a masterstroke by Andretti, because he is using General Motors to say to Formula 1 “Hey guys, do you really not want this company in the Circus?” . It is something very important, then obviously it will be up to Liberty to tell the teams that he will accept this proposal, and that it will be an advantage for everyone ”.

“Probably they wouldn’t want to pay an additional fee to recover the money they would lose with Andretti joining, I’m always talking about the piece of cake agreed in the past, but at the same time General Motors will open the doors of the big American companies, Formula 1 will become even more more popular in that part of the world also as an industry, the teams are part of it, as a result everyone will have more money and the three current races in the USA are proof of that. I expect some teams to give their go-ahead, while others will object and don’t want Andretti to have a piece of this famous cake, that’s the real problem.”

“With the 2026 regulatory changes to the power units, FIA and Liberty are saying they want new manufacturers, like Audi and General Motors, so they can’t say no as easily as the teams would like. Audi joins an existing team, and they wish GM would join an existing team, but it’s not going to happen. I wish Michael the best of luck for having fought against everyone, for making it clear that Cadillac will only enter Formula 1 with him, otherwise nothing will happen.” has been selected by the new Google News service,
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