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Weather Italy, Attila’s saber in the Center-South: frost over the weekend

Weather Italy, Attila’s saber in the Center-South: frost over the weekend
Weather Italy, Attila’s saber in the Center-South: frost over the weekend
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Rome, 25 January 2023

Still freezing in Italy. Attila’s Arctic sabers will unleash on the central-south with a new cyclone which, rising from Libya, will acquire power on the still warm waters of the Mediterranean and will cause a worsening on the Major Islands and on the Ionian regions by attracting polar and arctic air from Russia to Italy : temperatures will drop again over the weekend to values ​​8 degrees below the average for the period.

Lorenzo Tedici, meteorologist of the website, confirms that the pressure will drop between today and tomorrow up to 1002 hPa on the Ionian Sea and will cause a strengthening of the winds, a progressive increase in instability with thunderstorms and rain arriving over most of the South and on Sardinia: snowfalls are also expected above 700 meters on the Major Islands and from tomorrow also on part of the central-southern Apennines.

The worst day for most of the South, at the moment, is expected tomorrow with storms over the entire Ionian belt: the snow level can drop to about 900 meters in the South, while in the central Apennines up to 400 meters. Then on Friday the cyclone will bring more bad weather around the Gulf of Taranto; during the weekend, moving towards Greece, the cyclone will allow the entry of another Arctic saber by Attila with Russian cold intensifying over most of Italy.

This cold will still be dry originally, coming down from mainly continental areas, and the weekend’s rainfall will be limited to the Adriatic areas and some areas of the extreme southern regions; in these areas we will still have low-altitude snowfalls, not excluded even on the Adriatic beaches.

In the last weekend of January, therefore, we will find the Italian winter again with maximum temperatures between 2-4 degrees in the North, 5-6 degrees in the Center and 8-9 degrees in the South. To be precise, we will find a ‘sparkling’ Italian winter, what we had forgotten in recent years, with temperatures definitely below the average for the period for at least 48-60 hours.


Wednesday 25. In the North: unstable with local phenomena in the North-West and Emilia, sunny elsewhere. In the Centre: unstable on the Adriatic coast and in Sardinia with showers, snow level around 700 metres. In the South: showers arriving in Sicily, Calabria and Salento.

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Thursday 26. In the North: sunny except for clouds in Emilia Romagna. Al Centro: bad weather on the Adriatic with lots of snow at 500 meters. In the South: bad weather coming with snow above 800-1000 metres.

Friday 27. In the North: sunny. In the Centre: cold and unstable on the Adriatic with snow at hilly altitudes. In the South: bad winter weather.

Trend: conditions of widespread instability persist in the Centre-South, with snowfall down to low altitudes. Beautiful instead in the North thanks to the reinforcement of the high pressure.

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