Newborn dead at Pertini, the alarm was given by one of the mothers

Newborn dead at Pertini, the alarm was given by one of the mothers
Newborn dead at Pertini, the alarm was given by one of the mothers
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Of Julius De Santis

Poor surveillance? The prosecutor wants to clarify which and how many checks were made by the staff that night. The family’s lawyer: “Our complaint will arrive next week”

Was another mother, at 1 am on January 8th, to raise the alarm to the health personnel of the Pertini hospital. She had realized that the newborn, in her bed next to hers, risked suffocating to death under the weight of his mother, who collapsed into sleep due to her extreme tiredness. The nurse arrived immediately, even if it was too late to save the baby, born three days earlier. The fact that a patient, hospitalized in the same room as the tragedy, alerted the health personnel, represents a turning point in the investigation into the tragedy that took place at the Pertini hospital. This is a novelty that reinforces the main hypothesis of the prosecution: the baby would have died due to inadequate surveillance by the medical staff. To support this thesis there is now an eyewitness of the drama, who will be able to speak of the incomplete checks on the baby’s mother, in the days following the birth.

This the reconstruction of that fateful moment, at least according to the witness. It’s nearly one o’clock in the morning when the mother turns to the roommate she was breastfeeding. She no longer sees the newborn. She tries to call her. But nothing, the mother does not answer. She then raises the alarm. The nurse rushes. As the hospital employee writes in the report, she opens the door and takes the baby out from under his mother, who has fallen asleep due to her extreme tiredness. But now there’s nothing to do: the baby died. The first results of the autopsy give a result close to certainty: the newborn would have died because he suffocated, even if the histological tests that the professor must complete are missing to certify it definitively Louis Cipolloni. The story of the witness will be the cornerstone of the investigation.

The mother who gave the alarm will be asked if she remembers an aspect: it was there or not the refusal of the nurses (referred to the Corriere by the mother), to take the newborn to the nursery as requested by the woman because she was exhausted by fatigue, after 17 hours of labor and two sleepless nights? If the medical staff underestimated the tiredness, the prosecutor’s investigation will clarify it Maria Sabina Calabretta, which is investigating for now without suspects on charges of manslaughter in the health sector. The investigation was launched following a report from the Pertini hospital, as always happens when a newborn baby dies. However, one detail has aroused the attention of the investigators. The absence of the report of the anatomopathologist of the Pertini hospital called to make an initial examination on the reasons for the death. The lack seemed an anomaly that gave rise to a doubt: did the doctor forget or did he really prefer not to do it? It will be the investigation to clarify it. One point already appears certain to the investigators: the woman has signed a protocol warning mothers about the ban on sleeping with newborns. However, the strict obligation remains for the personnel to avoid misfortunes, including that of a newborn baby who can die suffocated under the weight of the same mother. “Next week I will present a complaint to the prosecutor’s office, documented with a defensive investigation,” says the lawyer Alessandro Palombi, the lady’s lawyer. Meanwhile, the «Mama Chat» association is launching a petition “No more single mothers” to ask to guarantee 24-hour escorts for new mothers.


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