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Where is Milan, the Italian champion? Now there is Milan 5-0 in Bergamo and 4-0 in Rome

Where is Milan, the Italian champion? Now there is Milan 5-0 in Bergamo and 4-0 in Rome
Where is Milan, the Italian champion? Now there is Milan 5-0 in Bergamo and 4-0 in Rome
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Where is Milan, the Italian champion? It’s the question everyone has been asking since the 87th minute of Milan-Roma, when the Rossoneri, after dominating the match, let themselves be caught up by goals from Ibanez and Abraham; from then on, one disaster after another: the elimination in the Italian Cup against Turin in 10 men, the draw caught by miracle in Lecce, the humiliating defeat in the Italian Super Cup against Inter and the shameful one yesterday against Lazio. Where is Milan, the Italian champion? To date there is not, on the contrary: there is Milan who give vibes of the 5-0 of Bergamo in 2019 in the 4-0 of the 2023 Olimpico.

And the sensations in the pre-race went exactly in the direction that the race itself then took. Compactness, solidity and balance were invoked, perhaps with a few changes to make the obviously more tired players catch their breath. None of this: against a Lazio in form and full of energy, Pioli fielded a super offensive and very lackluster Milan, leaving the Biancocelesti prairies and practically never tickling Provedel. At the moment Milan doesn’t have the technical, tactical and mental quality to handle this form and these schemes. We knew it, but it was not remedied and the 4-0 win by the Olimpico was a logical and deserved consequence. Why not add an extra midfielder? Why not make sure that the team could be a little more careful at least at the start of the race? The Lecce-Inter-Lazio trio was a trio of identical matches, always with the same mistakes.

Maldini speaks
There are many individual faults – on goals conceded, in possession, in positioning – but the real problem is the lack of spirit in the Rossoneri: there is a disconnect, no unity of purpose, little compactness and lack of security in the other. Paolo Maldini took care of calling everyone back after the match: we were eliminated in the Italian Cup, we lost badly against Inter in the Super Cup and two goals went away. Then came this defeat, conceding 11 goals in the last 3 games and it’s normal for the moment to be delicate. Last year we won for our spirit and this must be found again, without even thinking of making disasters. We are second in the standings on our own, after having reached the Champions League and the Scudetto in two years. With all due respect to the criticisms, this team is in any case within his parameters”. An assumption of reality yes, but with which Milan cannot be satisfied.

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