Who is really Salvatore Baiardo? All the doubts about Matteo Messina’s “prophecy” Denaro is ill

Who is really Salvatore Baiardo? All the doubts about Matteo Messina’s “prophecy” Denaro is ill
Who is really Salvatore Baiardo? All the doubts about Matteo Messina’s “prophecy” Denaro is ill
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Who is he really Salvatore Baiardo? And what does he want to achieve? Immediately after the arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro, the intervention a “It’s not the Arena” of the ex handyman of the Graviano brothers convicted of slander, forgery and aiding and abetting. Subsequently, in another intervention in Giletti’s broadcast, Baiardo said that the last of the Corleonesi is about to die and that the conductor of A7, making him speak, “is risking a lot”. Yet there are many doubts about the validity of his statements. And above all on the real goal of him. The former magistrate and senator of the 5 Star Movement Roberto Scarpinato said he is the mafia spokesman: «He speaks on TV and announces that Matteo Messina Denaro will be arrested. And yet he stays where he was. There is something wrong”.

The Graviano award

Another former judge today on Everyday occurrence it is even more specific. Giancarlo Caselli note that Baiardo speaks in a strangely downplaying of the crimes of Philip and Joseph Graviano. His thesis for the two to life imprisonment for various Mafia crimes is that they are «good guys who maybe did some stupid things when they were young. But then they wanted to change their lives by moving to the North. So much so that in 1994 were arrested at Milan». But this, recalls the former magistrate, contrasts with all the reconstructions of the war years between Cosa Nostra and the state. Gaspare Spatuzzaformer killer of Brancaccio and collaborator with justice, remembers meeting Graviano on the run in bar Doney in Rome a few days before the attack on the Olympic stadium. At the time Graviano said to Spatuzza that it was necessary to carry out the attack against the carabinieri in the stadium because it had to be done “The coup de grace”. And “He looked joyful”. Because she said «that we had achieved everything we were looking for thanks to some serious people who had carried on the thing», so «we had put the country in our hands».

The career of an ice cream maker

In his last TV appearance Baiard he also said he saw in the 1992 or in 1993 a copy of the red diary of Paolo Borsellino. And she said she would sue who called himrepented“. Because he evidently considers the label defamatory. Even if it was thanks to repentance that the Italian state has hit the leaders of the mafia on several occasions. And he managed to learn about its methods, ramifications, affairs and murders. Lirio Abbate on Republic adds that Baiard he is also a cousin of Caesar Wolf, figurehead of the Palermo bosses. And he has always been on the side of the loyalists of Toto Riina. So much so that, to cover them up, he made false or reticent statements to the judges. While his activity on TV, according to the investigative journalist, seems to be a game to be played in favor of the gods They gravitate. In December Filippo saw his request to leave the hospital rejected 41-bis.

Baiardo and Ciancimino

While “Mother Nature” (the pseudonym Giuseppe chose for himself) has always known how to dispense silence and half-truths. Of Baiard he said in prison that he is only an ice cream maker who, however, had invested the fruits of a big win ad Omegna. But also that the gambling habit was ruining him and that for this reason his marriage was in crisis. So much so that he himself, a thoughtful friend, decided at the time to move near him to keep an eye on him. In the end Abbate compares Baiardo to the figure of Massimo Ciancimino. The son of the former mayor of Palermo he told mixtures of true and false things to the magistrates. And in the end he ended up in prison for slander. But Riina he hated Ciancimino: «If I am the head of the mafia, he is making these revelations for money», he said. THE They gravitate instead they certainly won’t have much to say about what Baiardo says about them. Those good guys.

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