The most beautiful villages in Italy to visit during Carnival

The most beautiful villages in Italy to visit during Carnival
The most beautiful villages in Italy to visit during Carnival
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The Carnival it is one of the most spectacular and rich in history and traditions of our country. Celebrations take place from north to south all along the Peninsula with some lesser known appointments but able to compete in intensity and fun with the most famous parties. For those looking for a unique experience or just different, some small Italian villages they jealously guard a rich and deep-rooted Carnival tradition and offer tourists the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in the culture and in local history. Here is a selection of the most interesting Italian villages to visit during Carnival.

Villages to visit at Carnival: Pieve di Cento

Among the Italian villages to visit during Carnival we certainly find the small village of Parish Church of Cento in the province of Bologna, famous for one of the most spectacular Carnival parties in the area. The party provides for an enchanting float parade allegorical particularly renowned for the creativity of the materials and the originality of the colors. The great parade of floats is accompanied by bands, flag-wavers and many shows for a fun and engaging event for young and old visitors. Protagonist of the Carnival of Pieve di Cento is Barbaspeinnice beggar with a penchant for gluttony.

Carnival of Bagolino

Small village of just under 4000 inhabitants in the province of Brescia, Bagolino boasts a ancient tradition of carnival remained almost unchanged in the last five centuries. Protagonists of the Bagolino Carnival are i Balarì: masked dancers who populate the streets during the festive period dressed in sumptuous costumes handed down for generations. Accompanying the dancers on the street are the Sonadur, the players, in charge of cheering the streets with traditional music. Without large elaborate floats, the Carnival of Bagolino counts rather many typical masks and costumes for an atmosphere that brings the visitor back back to 1500 among the narrow and winding streets of the village.

Carnival of Étroubles

Among the villages to visit for Carnival, the smallest one cannot fail to be mentioned medieval village of Étroubles in Valle d’Aosta (fewer than 500 inhabitants) retains a rich and lively carnival tradition. Also known as Carnival of the Comba Frèidethe show features the days of Shrove Thursday and Friday a procession of masks dress with fine costumes packed by hand by the inhabitants of the area. The procession recalls the passage of the troops of Napoleon Bonaparte through the Colle di San Bernardo. The event is accompanied by music, dancing and good food.

Carnival of Aliano

The Carnival of Alianoa small village in the Basilicata, represents one of the most awaited in the region. The event is particularly famous for its “horned masks”: masks with diabolic features of very ancient peasant origins that retrace the ancient riches back in time Lucanian traditions. Adorned with colorful hats and dresses, the masks parade through the narrow streets of the village staging a improvisational comedy the “phrase” and targeting local characters. It is impossible for visitors not to get involved in the enthralling party atmosphere.

Ronciglione Carnival

The Carnival of Ronciglione is one of the most awaited appointments in the Lazio. His story sinks into Renaissance and Baroque periods of which it preserves its appearance and traditions. The small village (about 9,000 inhabitants) transforms itself during the Carnival, offering the visitor spectacular events which start with the “killing” of the King Carnival which kicks off the festivities. Don’t miss the entertaining madness of the Red nosesthe traditional costume ride of the Hussars and the Gala course when it will be possible to admire the splendid costumes made by the inhabitants of the town, parading through the historic monumental centre.

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An unmissable appointment for those who want to visit a small village during the Carnival is found in the Brandsat the small center of Offida (about 5000 inhabitants). The Carnival of Offida is one of the most eagerly awaited in the area: like other carnivals celebrated in Italian villages, it is an event whose roots lie in the history and in tradition secular. The Carnival of Offida in particular begins on January 17th and follows a long and articulated path with each Sunday dedicated to a special appointment. Among the many protagonists of the Carnival of Offida there are also “Lu Bov Fint” (the fake ox) on Shrove Friday, the parade of “Vlurd” the last day of Carnival or the many “congregations” dressed in the typical white habit and red handkerchief (I will guzzle) provide the “soundtrack” of the Carnival. There is also the traditional float parademasked groups, street music and a real folk festival able to infect the visitor with fun and happiness.

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