Yesterday’s flocks in northern Sardinia: “Incredible drawings in the sky”

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January 25, 2023

Migrations are in progress, the flocks in the skies of northern Sardinia.

There are numerous reports of the presence of huge flocks of birds in the skies of north Sardinia these days, probably intent on gather before migrating.

The images we see in the videos were taken on the Buddi Buddiclose to junction for Sorsofrom the young Sara Usai, who also wanted to share them on social networks. Videos have become virallike other videos of the same type, among many fascinated comments on the drawings of flocks in the sky. It is evidently a very frequent phenomenon these days, but unusual for the period. There would, in fact, be some later than the usual autumn migrationsand a bit of earlier than the spring ones.

Probably the unusually temperate climate of winter until a few days ago has delayed migrationspostponing them by a few weeks, given that the “clouds” of migratory birds had already made numerous thunderous appearances between Sassari And Olbia between late November and early December. A recent precedent saw Sassari invaded by flocks of starlings in this same period in 2020.


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