exhibition and conference on disability in Martinsicuro

exhibition and conference on disability in Martinsicuro
exhibition and conference on disability in Martinsicuro
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Martinsafe. Talking about disability by focusing on the strong emotional impact, trying to sensitize the interlocutor to a reflection ‘behind’ the problem, to find a different perception and how it hides different abilities astonishing, real added value.

ArteLive relies onhe many facets of the art of Luca di Sabatino from Teramo, with the exhibition ‘Tommy… handle with care….’, a photographic project that starts in 2019. Six images, half of which are in black and white, which investigate a theme that is difficult to but which through Tommy, a fictional character created by Di Sabatino as a subjective representation of a person with different abilities, lead to reflection and to overturn the concept one has of the handicap.

The Tommy Who Can’t Hear, cwith eyes without expression, without a mouth to be able to speak and ears to hear, with a white, impalpable and almost alien colour, Tommy pervaded by loneliness, apparently absent, disinterested in what surrounds him, which seems to limit himself to occupying his own space without existing , translates the impact with disability in an exciting and violent way. A paradoxical translation: to exalt the most negative and depressive part of disability to overturn the idea of ​​handicap, to promote not only the removal of all architectural barriers but above all ideological and cultural ones.

The exhibition will accompany the conference to be held on 27 January 2023 in the Council Chamber of the Municipality of Martinsicuro (at 18:00), organized by ArteLive with the support
of the Department of Social Policies of the Abruzzo Region and the patronage of the Municipality of Martinsicuro. With the regional councilor Pietro Quaresimale and the mayor of Martinsicuro Massimo Vagnoni, Dr. Giovanni Di Giacomantonio, sociologist will intervene; Dr. Fausta Di Berardo, disability manager; Dr. Silvano Valente, coordinator
physiotherapist; the President of Artelive, Katia Lanese, with the lawyer Laura Clementi. The participation as testimonial of the singer-songwriter Grazia Di Michele is foreseen.

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