the revelation to Striscia La Notizia

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In the episode of Strip The News of this evening – Tuesday 24 January 2023 – it was revealed that Matteo Messina Denaro could be arrested in 2012: to reveal it is a former executive of the State Police.

Messina Denaro arrested in 2012: the background

Since the arrest of Matteo Messina Denaro, many have wondered how it was possible that the super boss of Cosa Nostra could have lived by fugitive for 30 years without getting caught first by the authorities.

A background now emerges on the matter: it was the one who spoke the former general manager of the State Police Antonio del Greco. He was interviewed by Jimmy Ghionehistoric correspondent of Striscia La Notizia.

Photo Source: ANSA

Matteo Messina Denaro after the arrest outside the La Maddalena clinic in Palermo

In the report, it is revealed that 11 years ago Greco had discovered a lead that could have led to the arrest of the super boss: “In 2012, I connected with a Source which he claimed to have information on Matteo Messina Denaro“.

The revelations of Antonio del Greco in Striscia

According to what the former police officer claims, that information was plausible and could have helped to stop the very long inaction of the last of the Corleonesi.

Among other things, he added, the Source had also revealed that some police officers employed in the search for Matteo Messina Denaro “stayed, without their knowledge, in hotels whose ownership was attributable to the boss of Castelvetrano“.

On those occasions, the fugitive “took a motorboat and fled to Tunisiawaiting for return to Sicily“. Del Greco would have officially informed the central management with a detailed report, but then nothing happened.

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“For a long time I waited for an answer, a phone call. The Source himself urged me, saying he was available to provide any useful information to lead the investigators to the places indicated in the report. But nothing more was heardup to the present day,” he revealed.

How did the Cosa Nostra super boss travel?

The one revealed by Striscia is one of the pieces that the investigators are trying to fix in the complex mosaic linked to the inaction of Matteo Messina Denaro. In recent days, other details have emerged, such as the boss’s trips to Spain in 1994.

According to what was reconstructed by Repubblica, it was a trip to be operated on in the Barraquer eye clinic in Barcelona. And upon accepting him, she even provided a piece of his name and surname, Matteo Messina.

The suspicion therefore is that he has traveled by plane several times, complete with “trips” to Rome, Genoa and then move in South America and in England. To clarify how he managed to escape the checks and an investigative machine that was looking for him to bring him to justice.


Photo Source: ANSA

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