Weather Sicily: Trapani Birgi Radiosonde on Wednesday 25 January 2023 at 00:00

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Hello friends of As usual we show you today’s data, Wednesday 25 January 2023, provided by the radio sounding carried out at Trapani Birgi.

The freezing point was detected at an altitude of 1358 meters.
The temperature measured at 500 hpa is: -29.3 °C at an altitude of 5500 meters
The temperature measured at 850 hpa is: -0.5 °C at an altitude of 1483 meters
The temperature measured at 700 hpa is: -10.7 °C at an altitude of 3007 meters

Radio soundings in Italy are processed by the Air Force. These are performed every 12 hours by launching probes equipped with all the necessary instruments in order to detect the various thermodynamic indices. In Sicily, the area where this operation is carried out is the Trapani Birgi airport. Thanks to all the collected values, a radio sounding is elaborated; this is nothing more than a real table of numbers that summarizes all the data provided by the probe; through this you can also draw graphs useful to actually understand the weather up to 12-14 km in height. The data provided by the radio soundings are varied, the most useful are those of the temperature recorded at the various altitudes to better understand the truthfulness and reliability of the isotherms predicted by the mathematical models in the previous hours.

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