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Basilicata. Over 43 thousand terminations of employment relationships in the first ten months of 2022 –

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The terminations of employment relationships in the first ten months of 2022 in Basilicata they have been 43,157 (26,498 in the province of Potenza and 16,659 in the province of Matera) out of a total of 6.28 million, up on the same period of the previous year (+21%) for all types of contracts. They are data from the Inps Observatory on precariousness which, according to the regional secretariat of Uilconfirm the need to fight precariousness in all its forms.

The most numerous terminations concern i term contracts with 20,147 contracts not renewed (12,434 in Potentino and 7,713 in Matera) confirming that flexibility and infinite precariousness are two concepts to be kept separate.

The number of layoffs of workers with permanent contract: 9568 (6295 for the province of Potenza and 3273 for that of Matera) which introduces a new alarm for the stability of the occupation. Also, always the seasonal they are the ones who pay heavily for precariousness: 5130 have stopped working, even in many cases after a few weeks (2754 in the Matera area and 2376 in the Potentino area).

For the secretariat of the Uil, the Pact for Work, proposed for too long to the Regional Council together with CGIL and CISL, can no longer be postponed. “It is therefore necessary, immediately, to recover an overall picture, a major inter-sectoral project with the synthesis contribution of the Presidency in agreement with the union. Because the Pnrr, we must explain it well to the Giunta, is not just a matter of politics. It is a plan that belongs to the country, to the region, to citizenship and work, to the young and the elderly. This is why the new regional planning must take the form of a true employment plan. This is strategic engagement that we ask the regional government. Furthermore, we expect a call from the Minister of Labour to discuss these issues as soon as possible. The quality of work, in terms of wages, stability and safety for everyone, women and young people first and foremost, are the goal for us to achieve”, he concludes.

Annamaria Lotierzo

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