snow on the coasts and intense winds

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FOGGIA, 24/01/2023 – (by Stefano Rossi A new icy impulse is about to arrive conveyed by Attila, arctic-polar saber. And be careful, this new irruption will also be responsible for the formation of a cyclone.

In the coming days, a particular weather configuration will continue to be present at European level, the so-called Woejkoff bridge: what does it mean? Basically, the Azores anticyclone will extend as far as Scandinavia, merging with the Russian-Siberian high pressure and triggering, in response, a cold air flow of arctic-continental extraction (Attila) that from Russia will flow, first in the direction of the Balkans, then also to Italy.

The map below confirms this configuration, with a prevalence of currents from the northeast towards the Mediterranean basin.

Very cold air arriving over Italy over the next weekend These very cold air masses will spread over our country as early as from Thursday and especially in the course of the next weekendfurther recalled by the presence of a cyclonic vortex which will form on the ionic area. Thus the icy winds will first affect the Adriatic sectors, then also the South. Especially on the Adriatic side, we do not exclude the possibility of snow almost on the coasts, accompanied by intense winds from the northern quadrants. In the southern reliefs the snow will fall instead starting from 7/800 meters.

Eyes then focused on the final part of the month, i.e. i Merla days (January 29-30-31, traditionally the coldest of the whole year) and early February as the latest updates just arrived lean towards one recrudescence of this cold phase. The hypothesis is that the freezing flow downhill from Russia may favor the formation of another one cyclone, continuously fed by cold currents. The possibility of intense rainfall also in character should be evaluated later snowy up to very low altitude. We will have the opportunity to talk about this again in our next updates. (the weather)


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