Avalanche in Trentino, young hiker on Lagorai died – Corriere.it

Avalanche in Trentino, young hiker on Lagorai died – Corriere.it
Avalanche in Trentino, young hiker on Lagorai died – Corriere.it
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The avalanche in Val Orsera. The man who was with her was seriously transported to the hospital

A 30-year-old hiker who died when an avalanche triggered between Val Orsera and Val Campellenear the Caldenave refuge, on the group of Lagorai, in Trentino. A man is serious, who was identified and reached by rescuers. The two were completing a stretch of the mountain route on snowshoes when they were surprised by the avalanche.

The woman, who lived in Viarago di Pergine Valsugana, was initially revived by rescuers, but did not make it during transport. The man, 46 years old and originally from Trentino, was rushed to the hospital due to multiple fractures
. The alarm was raised around 4.15 pm by family members after the two hikers failed to return. The Alpine Rescue operators flew over the avalanche area with the emergency helicopter, but then intervened on the ground, at an altitude of almost 2,000 metres, identifying the injured person. The helicopters that have been operating in the mountains of Trentino Alto Adige for some years are equipped with the latest generation of white phosphorus night vision goggles, which allow you to fly even in the dark. However, due to the wind blowing at high altitudes and the fog, the helicopter was unable to reach the scene of the accident.

Rescue operations continued only from the ground due to a sudden accident weather change. The operators of various Alpine Rescue stations are involved. The danger of avalanches had been reported by the local authorities, due to the heavy snowfalls of the last few days.

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