Matteo Messina Denaro, an appeal to the boss starts from the La Maddalena clinic in Palermo: what they wrote

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Eight days after the arrest of Matthew Messina Moneya manager of the Palermo clinic where he went for medical treatment launched a appeal to the super boss: the post mentions the victims of the mafia and the precarious state of health of the former fugitive.

Messina Denaro, the legal manager of the clinic speaks

To launch it is Alessia Randazzohead of general affairs legal area of ​​the La Maddalena clinic of Palermo, outside of which Matteo Messina Denaro was arrested on Monday January 16, 2023. Through Facebook, she vented against “vulgarity, insinuation, inference”, defined as the “shortcuts most taken in these hours”.

The answers, in his opinion, are contained in the medical records in the hands of the super boss: “It seems clear to me – there is no scheme of therapy that can lead to recovery“. The conditions of the boss, just as declared in the past few hours by the repentant Salvatore Baiardowould be very serious, terminal in some ways.

However, Randazzo’s thoughts go to those people who “for over twenty years have been leaving the house every morning to serve and not to appear”, i.e. the doctors and the staff involved in the affair despite herself. “The shoulders have now become broad” she added, then launching an appeal to Cosa Nostra boss.

The appeal to the super boss Matteo Messina Denaro

In her post, also taken up by Adnkronos, Alessia Randazzo seems to complain about the criticisms and accusations made against the Palermo clinic, under investigation to understand if anyone has somehow favored the fugitive of Messina Denaro.

He therefore addresses him directly, however calling him by the name by which he made himself known during chemotherapy treatments: “Al Mr Andrea Bonafede I would have only one thing to say – he wrote – if, by borrowing a life you don’t deserve, on the path of illness you had mirrored yourself in each of your mistakes, now speak“.

In closing, he also mentions the mafia victims – how Joseph DiMatteo – who lost their lives due to the actions of the Cosa Nostra. The invitation is to speak, “do it now that you know it won’t be long at the moment in which that child and all the others you will find them in front of you “.

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Arrested the figurehead Andrea Bonafede

On the judicial front, however, the investigators who are trying to dismantle the network that has protected Matteo Messina Denaro in the last 30 years have moved again. Yesterday was arrested Andrea Bonafedethe 59-year-old surveyor from Campobello of Mazara who lent his identity to the boss.

Accused of mafia association, he was arrested by carabinieri del Ros and conducted in the barracks of the Provincial Command of Trapani. The two would be friends since childhood and for those who investigate Bonafede is one of his most faithful supporters.

Photo Source: ANSA

The images of the arrest of Andrea Bonafede

A man of silent honor, he has been called. He not only he would have given the former fugitive his identity card and the health insurance cardbut would also have bought the house in Campobello di Mazara where Messina Denaro himself took refuge the last of the Corleonesi.


Photo Source: ANSA

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