Giancola murder, the carabinieri return to the crime scene

Giancola murder, the carabinieri return to the crime scene
Giancola murder, the carabinieri return to the crime scene
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The carabinieri of the Isernia provincial command will presumably return to the apartment in via XXV Settembre tomorrow morning. The unrepeatable investigations that have been carried out in recent weeks in the home that was the scene of the murder on Christmas Eve, in the house where Irma Forte – 66 years old – killed her 72-year-old husband Carlo Giancola.
Heinous crime – as she herself admitted with her thoughts still confused and with her heart turned to her two children, to the pain she caused them – which the woman confessed through tears during the interrogation before the investigating judge Michaela Sapio, retracing the phases of the crime, which took place – according to what she declared – in a very difficult family context, within the perimeter of a marriage lived in fear due to the physical and psychological harassment to which her husband allegedly subjected her for decades.
Forty long years during which Irma Forte – confined to house arrest on charges of aggravated voluntary homicide – would have always suffered without ever reporting, she would have always reacted with silence until all this load literally exploded.
Tomorrow the carabinieri of the Isernia provincial command should return to the house in via XXV Settembre: from well-informed sources we learn that some pieces of firewood kept in the closet next to the kitchen should be seized.
Findings useful for a comparison with the woody material that would have been found under the victim’s nails during the autopsy.
According to what the woman confessed, that night between 23 and 24 December last, Carlo Giancola would have stayed awake for a long time, in the kitchen, next to the fireplace. The attempts to convince him to go to sleep were useless, it was useless to remain silent in the face of the behaviors that the man would have put in place even that damned night.
Relations with his wife, Irma Forte, would have been seriously undermined by the man’s authoritarian behavior and by the psychological results of his fragility, which would also be confirmed by the health care program that was supposed to start in a few days.
The meeting with the specialists that could never be held because that night, according to what was recorded by the woman, the man approached the bed dangerously brandishing a piece of wood. He could have hit her, this was the fear that flashed through the mind of the woman who would have managed to get that improper weapon out of his hands, taken precisely from that closet where tomorrow the Carabinieri should take samples of the same firewood.
Irma Forte, despite her slender build, disarmed him and struck him several times, leaving him lifeless at the foot of the bed, in the room used for some time as a bedroom, on the first floor of the house, and next to the kitchen: a choice adopted to allow the man – who had obvious walking difficulties – not to have to climb too many steps to go to sleep.
The piece of wood presumably used first by the man and then by the woman was then thrown into the fireplace, which is why there would appear to be no traces of the murder weapon.
The comparison between the stock of wood present in the house and the finds found during the autopsy could provide further elements useful to the investigators and investigators in reconstructing the crime and therefore confirming or not the woman’s statements.
In recent weeks, the men of the Scientific Investigation Department have entered that house and carried out numerous unrepeatable investigations ordered by the Isernia Public Prosecutor’s Office, which is following the case with the utmost attention and care, obviously, not leaving out any leads or investigative hypotheses.
The 3D reconstruction that will be carried out by the specialists of the Ris of Rome will also be useful for understanding the dynamics of the murder: a scientific methodology that will also allow for the analysis of blood traces, their direction, the presence on furniture and furnishings and will allow to certify if in that room, that night, there were only Irma and her husband. And if that woman tried by a difficult life and by the awareness of having killed the man she had married she cleaned the floor by herself, in an extreme and unconscious attempt to erase those 40 years of hell.
Lucia Sammartino

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