In Vda first surgery removal of 2 tumors of the same patient

In Vda first surgery removal of 2 tumors of the same patient
In Vda first surgery removal of 2 tumors of the same patient
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At Parini in Aosta, with robotic surgery. His conditions are good

Published:22-01-2023 12:17

Last update:22-01-2023 12:18

(DIRE – Health and Social Policies News) Aosta – “It was a sort of concert for four hands where rhythm and coordination were essential results”. This is how Dr. Paolo Millo, director of general surgery at the Umberto Parini hospital in Aosta recounts the complex operation of removal, in the same operating session, of two different tumors from the same patient. This is a ‘first time’ for the Aosta Valley hospital. The man, aged 80, was suffering from a malignant tumor of the rectum and a malignant tumor of the prostate. The surgical procedure involved an amputation of the rectum and a radical prostectomy. The postoperative course was good and the patient was monitored through a follow-up path. Its current condition is good.
The general surgery team, led by Dr. Paolo Millo, and the urology team, led by Dr. Emanuele Castelli, worked in synergy and at the same time to remove the two tumor formations, coordinating the smallest details and times of action. The surgery, which took place about eight weeks ago, required eight hours of work in the operating room. “We have successfully performed the first surgical procedure of this type using innovative instrumentation with which we have been operating for years – continues Millo -. There are very few interventions of this kind carried out so far in Italy and abroad”. And he adds: “The complexity of the intervention lay in the need to coordinate and program each step meticulously, fitting perfectly into the guidance of the ‘Da Vinci’ robot”.
Through robotic instrumentation, the surgeons operate from the console, controlling and commanding the arms remotely via a special 3D optical viewer connected to the camera installed on one of the arms. The multiple joints allow maneuvers that are impossible with the human wrist, also eliminating vibrations. “The accurate preoperative planning of the different surgical times and the undoubted advantages offered by robotic technology allowed us to treat the two different tumor pathologies from which the patient was suffering in a minimally invasive way and in a single session”, explains Emanuele Castelli, director of the Complex Structure of Urology.
The “Da Vinci” has been present in the regional hospital of Aosta since 2003 thanks to the farsightedness of the then head of the Surgery department, Umberto Parini, who died prematurely and from whom the hospital took its name. Over the years the old models have been replaced with newer versions.

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